3 Tips to Avoid Breaking the Bank During the Holidays

The holidays are personally my favorite time of the year. However, I know that for many it can also be a stressful time of the year due to the expense of giving gifts. Gifts can be so fun to give, especially when seeing the person’s face light up as they unwrap their present. A gift really should be a present both for the receiver and the giver because of the thought and care put into each and every one. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for each person without breaking the bank, especially as college students. So here are my top three tips to not make your wallet cry, but still give those heart warming gifts.


1. Be thoughtful.

This seems like such a silly tip, I know. It is so simple to try to fill gifts with silly things, but this doesn’t do much for the sentimental value of the gift. Take note of the little things that the person says and points out. Whether it is their favorite chocolate or drink, adding in a bit of their favorites can spice up your present just enough to bring tears to their eyes.

2. Shop smart.

Consider “bargain shopping” if you will. Rather than seeking out the cutest Urban Outfitters decor and presents, spend a little time here and there to look for more affordable alternatives. Many stores and websites are offering deals and promotions throughout December to boost their sales during the holiday season. Keep an eye out for that discount code or even sign up for their email newsletter because often times, they send out special deals and sales to their email subscribers. Additionally, a few trips to Ross or Marshalls can be all you need to find the perfect alternative for a few bucks cheaper.

3. Be honest.

There is really no shame in not being able to afford a $50 present for every person in your life. If you are buying a present for them, I’m sure they’re aware that you are a college student living in IV, and we all know how expensive that is. Although it may pain you to not be able to fulfill the person’s wishlist for this present, you have to be honest with yourself and accept that it is okay. A present is about the thought and effort you put into it, not the monetary value. Your care and consideration in putting together a gift for them is worth more than you could spend financially on the present.

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