The 2016 Election Results That WEREN’T a Disaster

For many of us, the 2016 election results were a disastrous affair—reactions range from disheartened to devastated to outright fearful.

But at times like this, it’s important to remember that Trump wasn’t the only person who won an office or position in this election. As a matter of fact, there was a good number of positive outcomes that were overlooked for…well, for obvious reasons.

Note: Obviously, the views in this article are my own opinion.

Kamala Harris

Let’s start a little closer to home. Kamala Harris, who was just elected California’s newest senator, is the first Indian-American to be elected to the Senate and the second African-American. Many of her policies are contrary to Trump’s campaign promises, and there’s already a swell of people wanting her to be our 46th president.

AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli  

Catherine Cortez Masto

This is a big win for the Hispanic community—right next door, Nevada just elected America’s first Latina senator: Catherine Cortez Masto.

Kate Brown

Another big point worth mentioning is that Kate Brown was re-elected as the Governor of Oregon—and if you didn't already know, she's the first openly bisexual governor.

Photo: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Flickr  

Tammy Duckworth

If you need some reassurance that it's not just the west coast that's electing some great people, take a look at Tammy Duckworth, the first Thai senator.

California Propositions

Here in California, a lot of propositions were passed that are sure to push us forward. Some of these propositions include Prop 55, which increases funding for education by placing higher taxes on the highest-earning households. Prop 63 means that background checks are needed to buy a gun. Prop 67 bans plastic and paper bags which, although it will likely inconvenience us (some more than others, admittedly), is also going to be a great help for the environment. Some other props that were passed that are going to do good include: Prop 60, Prop 54, Prop 58, and more.

Prop 59

Obviously, this could easily fit into the above section, but it’s worth noting that Prop 59 suggests California push for an end to the Citizens United decision. And sure, California alone can’t be the single force of change, but we can still be an instrumental part of causing the change, which is a big deal. (After all, it worked for clean air!)

In light of the recent election, it’s easy to fear that America is over and that the best thing to do is run away while we still can. And while I’m not here to tell you what the election results mean for you personally, I do hope everybody realizes that there were positive outcomes of this election, and these outcomes show that American is still moving forward, that the federal government is getting a more diverse voice, that representation of minorities is slowly growing, and that essential progress is still being made in California and other states.