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15 Reasons Chrissy Teigen is the Best Thing to Happen to Social Media

We love our celebrities and we love to stalk the glitz and glam of their celebrity life through their social media. Most celebs love to post #selfies of their #nomakeup face and #gymtime looks. Example A:

Example B:

Then there are celebs like Chrissy Teigen who, quite frankly, don’t really care about looking perfect on social media

For those of you who don’t know Chrissy, she’s a Sports Illustrated model and wife to singer John Legend. Not only does she have the looks, but she also has the brains and the sass to entertain her followers.

Here are 15 reasons why Chrissy Teigen is the best thing to happen to social media:

1. She’s drop dead gorgeous. I mean, can I look like that?!

2. She understands how we all feel about dieting…it’s not fun.

3. She posts the most adorable pictures of John Legend with even cuter captions.

4. #relationshipgoals

5. She knows the importance of a good facial.

6. She’s loyal and honest to her followers.

7. She isn’t afraid to call out her followers, in good humor of course.

8. And then there was this epic photo.

9. She knows all the remedies and cures to treating minor injuries.

Did you know pouring milk all over your body helps with jalapeño burns? I sure didn’t!

10. She knows how to always look fab, even when you’re in the hospital after cracking a foot bone when you were going too hard lip syncing. 

11. She knows all about family loyalty. Don’t you mess with her mom.

12. She informs everyone of her opinions on important matters in society.

13. She knows the struggle of calling a sketchy Uber driver.

14. She can make fun of herself. Don’t we all love celebs with some humility?

15. Quite frankly, she just knows how we feel.

Basically, she’s just the best.

Julia is a 2nd year Communication Major and French Minor! She has a huge sweet tooth and spends the majority of her time watching Netflix, eating copious amounts of food (and spending copious amounts of money on it), and drinking coffee. You can follow Julia on Instagram and Twitter @juliaachunng.
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