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10 Things to Do to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

It’s December. Yes, the most wonderful time of the season has come once again. We know you’re just as excited as us to start your Christmas festivities, so be sure to check out our 10 favorite Christmas activities.

1. Bake Cookies

Pro tip: bake them before finals so that you have something to snack on while you’re frantically studying at 2 A.M. in the library. 

Image via Emme Magazine

2. Go Caroling

Are you a wonderful singer? No. Neither are we. Caroling is always fun though, so go carol to someone that will still appreciate your off-key singing, like Friendship Manor. 

Image via blog.al.com

3. String Popcorn

How to string popcorn:

  1. Microwave popcorn
  2. Eat that batch of popcorn
  3. Make another bath of popcorn and stick a needle and thread through the popped pieces.

Image via Old School

4. Hang Ornaments on the Trees in Your Yard

This super cute idea will make you smile every time you come home. Everyone around you will appreciate your cute front yard when they pass it by, so go pick up some plastic ornaments at Kmart and Michaels and get workin’!

Image via loversiq.com

5. Ice-Skating

Lucky for us, we have an ice skating rink less than 10 minutes from UCSB! Take advantage of the rink this winter and go having a skating party with friends.

Image via tumblr.com

6. Decorate a Ginger Bread House

A basic. A classic. And a great excuse to nibble on frosting and candy pieces.

Image via Amazon.com

7. Host an ugly holiday sweater party

However, don’t stop at ugly sweater. You have pants with tiny reindeer on them? Wear them. You have an antler headband? Bring that too. Seriously, just host a holiday party and see who can wear the ugliest yet most wonderful holiday outfit ever.

Image via Andy B’s Springfield

Not shown: People enjoying a holiday sweater party. 

8. Make Paper Snowflakes for Your Window

Channel your inner 7 year-old and make some fine window snowflakes. They’re easy, cheap, and a little way to make it seem like California actually has seasons (*laughs*).

Image via Pinterest

9. Make a Wreath

Let’s clarify that: unless you have your own shop on Etsy or are a direct descendant of Martha Stewart, do not make a wreath. However, buy a wreath and decorate it with toys, ornaments, candy canes, etc. It’s a great addition to any house and will definitely put you in the Christmas spirit.

Image via Homedit

10. Watch Christmas Movies

Hallmark would have probably gone out of business if they didn’t come out with like 50 billion new Christmas movies a year. Take advantage of this wide selection and sit down with your roommate, cuddle up, and watch a holiday movie that inevitably involves a small town woman falling in love with a man during Christmas.

Image via List Challenges


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