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cup of iced coffee and matcha with a strawberry donut
cup of iced coffee and matcha with a strawberry donut
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Your Guide to LA’s K Town Coffee Shops

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

As finals season rolls around, many students are on the lookout for new study spots. This spring, rather than spending another twelve hours in an overcrowded library, why not check out the flourishing coffee shop scene in LA’s Koreatown? There you will find delicious drinks, quiet spaces, and most importantly, a solid wifi connection.

Memory Look

A classic workspace and coffee shop, Memory has great indoor and outdoor seating decorated with various plant life for a modern yet natural environment. Their matcha drinks are also top-tier. I recently got to try their Cocoa Matcha Forest which is a matcha latte with chocolate milk. While I was initially skeptical of the combination, it was surprisingly delicious and kept me fueled for hours as I worked through midterm problem sets. Conveniently, Memory Look also has a parking lot out back. However, it does fill up fast so be sure to get there early if you want a spot. The only downside of this shop is its lack of outlets for its outdoor seating. Be sure to bring a fully charged device or a portable charger.


No list of K Town coffee shops would be complete without Harucake. I’ll confess, this is not a study spot, but still an experience worth checking out. You may have seen videos about this adorably minimalist shop on TikTok or Instagram. I will tell you, the hype is worth it for the right order. When I visited, I tried the signature Mugwort Injeolmi cake and viral Soosoo (corn) latte. Both were great and showcased many unique Asian flavors I hadn’t previously seen in coffee shops. If you visit, it is definitely worth taking the risk to try something new! Beyond the drinks and pastries, Harucake has a super cute aesthetic that features a free photo booth, custom candles, and many photo ops. You may have to wait a bit to go inside, but Harucake is quickly becoming a classic spot for coffee lovers around LA.

About Time

About Time is another great coffee shop and study spot. The perfect place for any night owl, they are open from 8 AM to 1 AM, have two spacious floors and lots of parking. It is a super aesthetically pleasing space but unfortunately tends to be crowded which can lead to spotty wifi. In terms of food, although I haven’t tried it yet, I’ve heard great things about their Korean Street Toast. Their pastries are also super cute and tasty. In particular, I recommend the lemon tart. About Time also has a corn latte and great matcha, featuring a matcha Kit Kat on top. About Time has quickly risen to become one of the most popular coffee shops in K Town, and I will definitely be back to sample some more items on their menu.

Now, I only have so much time and money to visit K Town cafes, but here are a few more options on my list!

Coffee MCO

Coffee MCO is another two-story coffee shop with great study spots and free parking. I am interested in their specialty lattes that feature flavors like Earl Grey and Brown Butter Caramel, but I am even more intrigued by their Brunch Menu that is served daily from 8 AM to 4 PM. In particular, their Avocado Toast and Slow-Braised Brisket Burrito sound amazing. Also, for anyone 21+, Coffee MCO offers tapas, desserts, and curated wines every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Altogether, it seems like another great coffee shop with some additional opportunities for fun and good food.

Cafe Giverny

Not a study spot per se, but Cafe Giverny is a Korean-fusion bakery cafe that focuses on quality ingredients and freshly made baked goods. I am interested in their vintage aesthetic which includes matching floral tea cups, pots, and plates. Mostly, this one is for the food. Their macarons and cakes look delicious. They also boast the highest quality ciabatta, and I’ve heard that they offer gelato and shaved ice featuring Asian and Western flavors. It’s a great location to spend a cozy afternoon enjoying baked goods and drinks.

Which coffee shops are your favorite?

Amanda is a third-year student at UCLA studying Theater and English. Originally from San Francisco, she is passionate about creating and sharing women-led stories and the power of artistic mediums as a form of activism. In her free time, Amanda loves to crochet, read YA novels, and watch sitcoms.