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Your 2024 Coachella Performer Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Ever wondered which 2024 Coachella performer vibes with your zodiac sign? Well, I definitely do. As someone who unfortunately didn’t get to experience this absolutely iconic festival in-person, I primarily got my festival fix through live-streamed performances and clips on Tiktok. So, if you’re like me and want more Coachella connection, buckle up because we’re about to dive into a cosmic adventure like no other. With Coachella serving up some unforgettable performances this year (Lana del Rey, Sabrina Carpenter, Chappell Roan… the list goes on!), we’re here to sprinkle a little celestial magic on your festival experience, no matter if it was in the desert or on your living room couch. So, whether you’re a fiery Aries or a free-spirited Gemini, get ready to rock out with your zodiac as we match you with your perfect Coachella counterpart.

ARIES – GRimes

Despite some technological difficulties during Grimes’ performance, Grimes still stuck it out and killed her DJ set — making it the perfect match for Aries. Full of confidence and independence, Grimes kept the audience absolutely bumping regardless of her struggles. She even supplemented her own beats with her own screams of frustration. Need I say more, Aries?

Taurus – tyler the creator

Being regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time, the entire audience knew they were in for a killer performance. Reliable and stubborn, Tyler clearly had a vision for this set, which he fulfilled by making an explosion for his grand entrance. Much like Taurus, Tyler is set in his ways and refuses to change for anyone or anything (and the audience is here for it).

gemini – john summit

Brimming with dynamic vibes, John Summit’s ability to warm up the crowd at Coachella is synonymous with a Gemini’s ability to warm up to anyone. As he takes control of the dance floor with his magnetic presence and brilliant mixes, audience members can’t help but connect with each other as they mosh to his magnificent beat drops. Rest assured, after seeing this electrifying DJ set, you’ll witness Gemini energy in his lively stage persona. 

cancer – No Doubt & Olivia rodrigo

This year’s No Doubt throwback combined with the Olivia Rodrigo appearance is every Cancer’s dream! Considering that I can guarantee the majority of Cancers have already screamed their hearts out to Olivia Rodrigo’s break-up songs, I can only imagine how they reacted when they got to experience No Doubt’s “Just a Girl”. Full of emotion and vulnerability, this set provides Cancers with the safe space they’ve been looking for (because Lord knows they need it).

leo – doja cat

And, of course, you can’t forget the star of the show, Doja Cat! Much like Leo, Doja Cat does the absolute most when it comes to capturing the audience’s attention– whether that be wearing a suit made of hair or performing in a huge pile of mud. You can always rely on her to keep you interested and engaged with her dramatics. Sound familiar, Leo?

virgo – raye

As Raye commanded the stage with her electrifying presence, Virgos couldn’t help but be drawn to her entrancing appearance and authentic performance. With an exacting attention to detail and the magnetic allure typical of Virgos, it’s hard to envision Raye’s performance not striking a chord with this astrological sign. Rest assured, after experiencing this feast-for-the-ears, you’ll find every Virgo completely enthralled.


oh she is so pop princess !!! #sabrinacarpenter #nonsense #nonsenseoutro #coachella @Sabrina Carpenter @Team Sabrina

♬ original sound – Katie Balcom
Libra – sabrina carpenter

As the queen of glamour and sexy wordplay, Sabrina Carpenter is the perfect match for Libra. The second her set begins, you just can’t seem to take your eyes off her, which you can most likely attribute to her immense talent, sparkly costume, and striking beauty. And to top it off, her scandalous riff at the end of her song “Nonsense” matches Libra’s energy perfectly.

scorpio – chappell roan

Overflowing with passion and queer pop-star energy, how could this performance not resonate? With such an intensely emotional performance delivered by Chappell Roan, I just know Scorpios will be belting “Good Luck, Babe!” in reference to exes. Trust me, after this performance you can take any Scorpio “Hot To Go”!

sagittarius – lil uzi vert

Much like every Sagittarius you know, Lil Uzi Vert is one of the few performers who can keep you smiling through the intense desert heat. Free-spirited and fun, Lil Uzi is the perfect match for this sign. Being one of the most experimental rap artists out there, the adventure that accompanies this stage set makes it the perfect choice for any Sagittarius.

capricorn – ice spice

Wearing a see-through lace jumpsuit, Ice Spice served us body-ody-ody during her Coachella stage set. Her baddie performance stands to remind us that any young artist can turn their dreams into reality, especially when they dream big like a Capricorn. Exuding a cool, calculated confidence, Ice Spice perfectly matched the typical Capricorn demeanor, especially with that on-point outfit of hers.


Kesha joined Renée Rap during her set at Coachella to sing her 2010 banger ‘TiK ToK’ And changed the lyrics of the first line to call out P Diddy #coachella #coachella2024 #reneerapp #reneerapcoachella #kesha #keshatiktok #pdiddy #diddy #seancombs #seandiddycombsfeat #artsandculture

♬ original sound – The News Movement
aquarius – renee rapp & kesha

Wanna talk about unconventional performances? How about Renee Rapp’s collab with guest star Kesha? Completely giving us girl-boss to the max, Renee Rapp and Kesha served some serious Aquarius energy when they dissed P. Diddy while singing “Tik Tok” by Kesha. Not to mention, Renee had one of the most unique set designs, utilizing two ginormous scissors as a backdrop. Need I say more?


Lana Del Rey looks mesmerizing performing Summertime Saddness at Coachella @Lana Del Rey #coachella

♬ original sound – DVNNY IS AT COACHELLA
pisces – lana del rey & billie eilish

Riding on the back of motorcycles with old men? Lana Del Rey spinning on a pole? Billie Eilish collab? This is perfect for Pisces! Completely grounded in emotion, creativity, and an alternate world of glorious Americana, this performance would have any Pisces crying tears of joy (especially when she performs “Young and Beautiful”). 

And that’s a wrap on our cosmic Coachella journey! I hope you’ve had as much fun reading as I did curating this celestial lineup. And lastly, if you have a problem with your zodiac match, take it up with the stars, not me. So, until the next astrological alignment brings us together, keep dancing and let music be your guide!

Autumn Morgan is a third-year Film & Television major at UCLA who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. She thoroughly enjoys being overdressed and reading women’s divorce fiction. In her free time, you can find her laying by a river eating fruit.