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Why I’m Freaking Out Over Harry Styles’ Outfit Choices from Love on Tour

Harry Styles: the man, the myth, the legend. The British singer has made his mark in the fashion world by tossing gender norms out the window and showcasing his own unique style. From his host duties at Met Gala 2019 to opening for the Grammy’s, Styles has not been one to shy away from bold outfit choices and styling. He has brought his signature style onto his Love on Tour concert tour promoting his latest album, Fine Line. Styles’ partnership with Alessandro Michele’s Gucci looks alongside the genius of his stylist Harry Lambert have brought forth some unique, if not flamboyant, looks that radiate the love and joy spread during the tour.

His opening show look in Las Vegas was one for the ages as he debuted in bright, high-waisted pink trousers and a matching fuchsia glitter fringe vest. He danced across the stage, electrifying his fans in his ’70s inspired look. Styles has embraced more retro fits and accessories when it comes to his fashion selections, and his premiere look was a good nod to the groovy vibes of the ’70s. The bold color statement combined with the choice of garment made his premiere look a stand out piece (and one I’m personally fangirling over!).

Harry Styles performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards
Photo by Francis Specker / CBS

Another one of my personal favorites is Styles’ all orange look in St. Louis. He paired a metallic orange shirt with matching pants and a bright orange boa, something the singer has made one of his signature looks since the green boa he wore opening the Grammy’s. While wearing an outfit that seems to be a nod to Elton John’s signature style, Styles’ sent fans into a frenzy when he unveiled a pride flag while performing. Yet another Harry Styles classic from the tour is the all-black ensemble he wore at Madison Square Garden. In a sort of black-swan-inspired outfit, Styles sported black trousers and a sparkling black blazer with large black feathers sprouting from his sleeves.

Perhaps some of my favorite looks so far have been the ones from Styles’ Halloween concerts, uniquely dubbed “Harryween.” While Styles encouraged his fans to dress extravagantly for the concert series, to absolutely no one’s surprise, his outfits were the winning costumes of the night. For Harryween Day 1, Styles and his band decided to do a take on The Wizard of Oz, with the singer dressed to the nines as Dorothy. He wasn’t shy to sport bright red stockings and the infamous blue and white Dorothy frock. To top it off, he wore a matching bow and bright makeup to stand out in the stage lights. His band accompanied him as the other varying characters, including the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion. Harryween Day 2 did not disappoint as Styles and his band managed to go even more over the top in a circus theme, with the singer once again proving his love for flamboyant costumes. He surprised fans in a white and black clown costume made up of an Elizabethan era fringe collar and trousers with a blouse displaying a studded black moon and stars. The band tied the theme together in similarly styled clown outfits with opposing pastel shades. I was personally freaking out over the white lace fabric used to craft Style’s blouse for the costume (it’s all in the detailing!).

A majority of Styles’ outfits on tour have been a similar style to the one he wore on the Fine Line album cover: high waisted trousers paired with an open blouse and suspenders (clothes that make it easier to perform in). The bright color combinations and the fabric materials that Michele and Lambert have paired together have been working flawlessly. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Megha is currently a second year global studies major and film minor at UCLA. When she's not writing, she loves painting, photography, graphic design, and jewelry making.
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