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Which UCLA Campus Cafe You Are Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Ever wondered which campus cafe option best suits your astrological sign? Here is my official list!

Aries: Anderson Cafe

Energetic and ambitious, your strength matches the endless coffee combinations at Anderson Cafe. The many nutritious food options and evolving choices represent your innovation and strength. And no one can take on a long line of hungry customers like an Aries. Your competitive nature also suits the many business students Anderson keeps fueled daily.

Taurus: Ostin Music Cafe

Situated next to the music building and inverted fountain, Ostin is the embodiment of serenity, the perfect place for a Taurus. The quiet classical music and floor-to-ceiling windows attract many Taurus-like patrons: hardworking, diligent, and tireless. Just as a Taurus is committed to consistency, Ostin Cafe creates dependable high-quality beverages for the regular music student or occasional South Campus visitor.

Gemini: Cafe 451

Your playful yet intellectual nature can be seen in Cafe 451’s buzzing environment amid the Young Research Library. With your many passions, it can be difficult to choose between socializing, studying, and great coffee. At Cafe 451, you don’t have to — truly the best of all worlds. 

Cancer: Jimmy’s Coffehouse

Your self-awareness is reflected in Jimmy’s efforts to carefully brew each beverage and continue to upgrade their menu with Peet’s coffee options. Just like Jimmy’s, you attract customers with your loyalty and excellent entertaining services. While on the surface Jimmy’s may seem unapproachable, any North Campus major knows that it is the trusted source for a great drink.

Leo: Northern Lights

Serving up a fierce new menu, unlike any other campus dining option, Northern Lights embodies Leo energy. Its charming nature captivates many students for hours with its paninis and welcoming fireplace study areas. Northern Lights is a true campus dining leader and innovator with the addition of poke and aguas frescas to the menu. Stop by if you are interested in an ambitious menu with the authenticity of a home-cooked meal.

Virgo: ScrubJay Cafe

Your detail-oriented and logical nature is reflected in the many medical students ScrubJay cafe serves daily. Just as ScrubJay Cafe is committed to fueling the student body with fresh coffee and grab-and-go salads, you are always looking to improve the lives of those around you. As one of the newest cafes on campus, ScrubJays fills in the gap when it comes to great beverages and snacks, truly embodying the generous Virgo spirit of on-campus dining.

Libra: Cafe 1919

Spontaneous and intuitive — two words to describe the Libra of campus cafes, Cafe 1919. Serving up an assortment of gelato, cakes, and much more on the hill, Cafe 1919 has charmed the Hill community with its high-quality goods. The charming outdoor seating area and Italian cafe aesthetic also match your fixation on harmony and beauty. Visit Cafe 1919 if you are looking for a delicious late-night treat that matches your exquisite tastes.

Scorpio: The Study at Hedrick

If you are looking for a complex cafe that serves delicious food and elaborate drinks, visit The Study at Hedrick. With all the nuance of a Scorpio, the Study allows you to build your own entrees and is a hill favorite for many students. Your intuitive nature is reflected in the constantly evolving choices for students at the Study. From build-your-own sandwiches to kombucha, you are sure to find what you are craving. 

Sagittarius: Cafe Synapse

Cafe Synapse is unafraid to explore new territory. Like a Sagittarius bravely ventures where many would not dare, Cafe Synapse stands apart from the usual dining options near the Botanical Garden. Your fiery passion and curiosity are reflected in the many fresh food options and endless coffee combinations. 

Capricorn: Bruin Buzz

The Bruin Buzz is possibly the most convenient coffee spot on campus, perfect for a Capricorn who values their time, especially in the face of major ambition. That being said, Bruin Buzz also reflects your more mischievous side with options not seen anywhere else on campus such as bottled kombucha and several exciting pastries. For the student on the go and unafraid to dream big, Bruin Buzz is a great pit stop during a busy day.

Aquarius: Bruin Cafe

A true humanitarian, Bruin Cafe provides a much-needed to-go service for busy students on the Hill. Your dedication to the greater good is reflected in Bruin Cafe’s many healthy options and the tireless work of its employees. Constantly testing new products and ideas, Bruin Cafe embodies the Aquarius energy of experimentation and the element of surprise.

Pisces: Kerckhoff Coffeehouse

Your dreamy and imaginative qualities are reflected in the indie playlists constantly playing in the background of Kerckhoff Coffeehouse. The wooden paneling and historical lighting transport students to a different reality much like how a Pisces seeks to coexist within reality and fantasy. Come to Kerckhoff for great vibes and a good time, all within a romanticized setting.

The many cafe options available on campus and on the Hill can be overwhelming at first. Hopefully this article will help you navigate and find your favorite spot to get your daily coffee from!

Amanda is a third-year student at UCLA studying Theater and English. Originally from San Francisco, she is passionate about creating and sharing women-led stories and the power of artistic mediums as a form of activism. In her free time, Amanda loves to crochet, read YA novels, and watch sitcoms.