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What Your Favorite LA Bar Says About You: UCLA Student Edition

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

UCLA boasts a work-hard-play-hard atmosphere that’s palpable every weekend. When we’re not grinding out essays or spending hours studying around campus, we’re teaming up with our friends on a Thursday night to explore Los Angeles a little deeper. Out of all the spots in LA, here are some of the most popular UCLA student weekend bars and what they say about you:

rocco’s Tavern

Roccos is the infamous UCLA hotspot on a Thursday night. Situated near a Whole Foods Parking lot, getting there at 9:00 PM vs. 9:30 PM can and will dictate whether or not you will be getting in without a hassle or whether you’ll be waiting in line for an hour in said parking lot. Your go-to going-out outfit is definitely some kind of little top with pleather pants, just like everyone else waiting in line with you. If you like to go to Rocco’s, you almost certainly go to either UCLA or USC, or you’re one of the random middle-aged men that hover in the corner by the entrance. You also probably just turned “24” on your “ID!” Additionally, your go-to drink is an AMF, which will taste more like a Caprisun with a bad aftertaste than an actual alcoholic beverage. Don’t worry, you’ll move on to bigger and better things at “26!”

barney’s beanery

Barney’s is another famous chain around LA, and it is the only other nightlife spot in Westwood other than Rocco’s Tavern. If you like going to Barney’s, you’re probably the type to suggest a game of “Uno” or “Sorry!” when hanging out with people, even if that’s completely not the vibe. Barney’s fans are either ex-theatre kids ready to subject everyone to their rendition of “Come On Eileen” at Thursday night karaoke or a student addicted to academic validation testing their knowledge out at Tuesday trivia! You’re either ordering a margarita or a beer, and I highly recommend adding a side of their wings. You’re more chill than a Rocco’s fiend, but you’re probably a little more insufferable at parties.

the victorian

Located on Main Street in Santa Monica, The Victorian is the hub for all of the EDM and pop remix fans, as well as all of the finance bros that don’t know how to talk about things other than themselves. If you want to awkwardly bop your head for a few hours and attempt to shout-talk to your friend, you could stay on the middle level. However, I really recommend taking it downstairs to the basement to really dance. There, you can potentially stand on a booth and table and bounce a little more than you would have upstairs! You’ll wear an elevated little-top-big-pant/skirt combination, and you may have a full face of makeup on, but you’re still donning your Air Force Ones. You’ll order a $17 tequila shot and wait an hour in line for the bathroom, but the music will be somewhat decent. In general, your mantra is “this is just so LA” and you haven’t realized yet that no one says “Cali” here.


If you frequent Poppy, it’s because some guy followed you on Instagram and offered you a pregame at the Hype House that will solely include this promoter and washed up influencers that are clinging onto relevance. You definitely like to live on the edge and crave an adrenaline rush, which are all qualities that make sense when you consider that you did get into a random party bus to somehow end up at this West Hollywood club. Poppy groupies wear the full club attire, even throwing on a pair of heels to maybe dance the night away. You’ll get a vodka cranberry and do your very best to pretend like your feet aren’t hurting.

west hollywood strip

West Hollywood hosts a variety of bars on Santa Monica Boulevard, including but not limited to “The Abbey,” “Rocco’s,” and my personal favorite, “Fiesta Cantina.” If you go out in WeHo, odds are that you’re not straight, or whoever brought you is definitely not straight. You probably like to listen to iconic pop girl remixes, and I promise you that every place will sound like they’re all blasting the same DJ mix with how often you’ll hear the same songs. Overall, you’re down for a good time, and if you’re not ordering a frozen strawberry margarita the size of your head at Fiesta Cantina, then you’re not doing WeHo correctly.

Obviously, I’m poking fun at a lot of these places and these stereotypes aren’t necessarily true. To each their own! All that matters on a night out is to be somewhat responsible and to make sure you and your friends set up some rules and plans for the night. Stay safe and drink responsibly, Westwood!

Madenn is a fourth-year Political Science student with a minor in Conservation Biology at UCLA. She is passionate about all things environment, pop culture, and activism!