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What Your Favorite Diet Coke Flavor Says About Your Summer

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Diet Coke is bringing a little more excitement to your everyday life with 6 new, fresh and fruity flavors. With a new look, these Diet Coke cans are colorful enough to make your summer fun and flirty. The new flavors are Strawberry Guava, Blueberry Acai, Ginger Lime, Fesity Cherry, Twisted Mango, and Zesty Blood Orange. Pick your new favorite flavor below to see what kind of summer you will have:


The taste of strawberry guava is sweet but powerful. Being the perfect combination of fruity and delicious, this flavor is the perfect way to refresh yourself. You will be in the mood to take on the world by trying new things that excite you. Take the summer to focus on expanding outside of your comfort zone and finding things that challenge you for a very rewarding and feel-good outcome.


Just having the word acai in its name screams healthy! Take the summer to focus on your health and wellness. Whether it be taking the time to yourself to relax and improve your mental wellness, or hitting the gym and workout classes to strengthen your physical fitness, this flavor will have you in the mood to be healthy.


Because ginger and lime are friends! The contrast and twist of this flavor shows that two things can join together to create something tasty and great! Just as ginger and lime join together, you will have a summer focused on meeting new people and strengthening your already existing friendships. Summer is a time to spend quality time with friends. With no school, summer is a time to enjoy, have fun and meet new people!


Because cherries aren’t so innocent. A fruity taste with a little kick, this flavor is here to spice up your life. With a feisty attitude, you will be the flirt of the town this summer. Whether it be casual flirting or developing a “sweep you off your feet” summer romance, this flavor will have you in the mood for love and romance.


Because zesty is besty! With this flavor not being too sweet but still having a punch to it, it will motivate you to lock down and focus this summer. You will have a very hard-working summer, whether it be a local job or a summer internship. Wherever you end up, make sure to network with lots of the people around you. This is a time to build your career by discovering your passions.


Because sane mangos are boring. This twisted, fruity and fun flavor will get you in the summer mood so you can really let loose. Your summer will be full of going out and really learning about the social scene. While you are out being a social butterfly, don’t forget to take cute pics for the gram! 

Because summer is a time for you…it is a time to say #BecauseICan. Your summer can be anything from relaxing to hard-working to spending time with friends. Whatever it may be this is a time for you!

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Alyssa is the Senior Editor of the UCLA Chapter of Her Campus. She is a 4th year Communication Studies major and Film, TV, and Media minor. In her free time, Alyssa loves working out, going to tons of concerts, and binging reality TV episodes. Contact Alyssa via email: alyssabonchick@me.com