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What To Gift Your Friends This Galentine’s Day Based Off Their Zodiac Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Thinking of gift ideas for our friends shouldn’t be hard, right? I mean, you know them well, but you also want to surprise them if you can, or give them something that will make them remember you when someone else asks them: “What is one of the best gifts someone has gifted you?” 

In honor of Galentine’s Day, I thought that it might be fun to give your girlfriends something based on their zodiac sign. You don’t have to believe in astrology, but I hope this list will at least help spark some ideas for you and your friends. 


Because Aries is a fire sign, as well as a cardinal sign (the initiators and enthusiastic starters of the zodiac), I think a good gift for our Aries friends would be amusement park tickets! Maybe even a season pass, if you have the funds. While thinking about the stereotype of Aries, I also thought of a rage room. The rage room one sounds really fun and therapeutic for you and your Aries girlfriend. 


My fellow earth sign Taurus, I feel like the perfect gift for Taurus would be something relaxing and sensual. The sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, named after the goddess of love who values beauty and pleasure. My first recommendation for Taurus is a pottery class, preferably one with wine; a self paced class since they are a fixed sign and don’t go at anyone else’s pace but their own. The second thing that popped into my head while thinking of Taurus is a cute silky pajama set or silk sheets/silk pillow cases! 


The first thing that comes to mind for Gemini are roller skates, for some reason? Geminis, to me personally, are fun, flirty, and spontaneous, and maybe like roller skating. I can imagine a cute activity date down Venice beach just like Barbie and Ken did in the Barbie movie (minus the getting assaulted and going to jail part). I feel like it would be fun to put a cute outfit on and go roller skating during golden hour; plus, you’ll be able to take some cute pictures! 


I’m aware that it’s a stereotype that cancer is the more “emotional” of the zodiac, but I do believe they can be very intuitive! For Cancer, I would buy them concert tickets to their favorite artist! I imagine that Cancers are sentimental when listening to music – I could be completely wrong, but I can imagine a Cancer having a moment while listening to their favorite artists/bands with their best friend. 


The obvious gift is to buy them the stars – but since you can’t do that, I would buy them a hair appointment at a really nice salon and maybe do something fun after so that everyone can adore their new hair treatment. I only think of hair with Leo because of their symbol, the lion, and thus, a lion’s mane. Everyone feels really good after getting a new haircut and styling (at least I hope so) but that’s why you take them to a really nice hair salon; so they don’t mess it up and your Leo doesn’t hate you. 


When I think of Virgo, I think of structure, precision, and organization. I feel like the perfect gift for the Virgo in your life would be a relaxing yoga class. Any yoga of any kind! Goat yoga, yoga on the beach, or sunset yoga! It’ll give them the time to relax from whatever perfection they have to achieve every day. 


The Libras around me are very artsy, and because of that, I believe an art class would be fun for Libras. I feel like Libras can appreciate the beauty that art has in ways that I can’t. If they don’t seem like the creative type, I’m sure they’ll still appreciate the aesthetics of a museum date or a wine train! 


I wanted to give Scorpios concert tickets to their favorite artist, but I feel like because, stereotypically, I think of Scorpios as mysterious and intriguing, I would take Scorpio to an escape room. There can be different themes, but I think a mystery one would be really fun to do with your friends! Your Scorpio probably has some niche interests too, so you could do something related to that as well! 


A plane ticket. A trip if you can! I have never met a Sagittarius that doesn’t like to travel. I think it’s perfect to take them to a city that they’ve never been to before! This was the easiest idea to think of out of all the zodiac signs – I don’t think you can miss with this. 


Speaking first-hand, I would advise you to get books for your Capricorn girlfriend. She probably likes to stay inside and be cozy with a good book. Even better if you get a book written by their favorite author, because it’ll show that you pay attention. Or just get them a gift card for their favorite book store!


I know I said Libra was the creative one but I feel like Aquarius is also creative. I think maybe the difference is that Aquarius doesn’t like to focus on aesthetics as much; their creativity comes from just having fun. For Aquarius, I would get them a nail appointment (I also just realized that this entire list would only be possible if I had a big budget, but hey, in a perfect world I would spoil my friends). Nails are another way that people like to express themselves, and an Aquarius would appreciate a really cool, funky, and fun nail set. 


Last but not least, because Pisces is a water sign and a sentimental one, I think they would appreciate a nice picnic by the ocean. Maybe drive them to their favorite beach and set up a day where you and your girlfriends can cut some cake and enjoy the sun set. Something intimate and sensible for Pisces; maybe even write a song for them!

Odette is a first-generation Mexican-American senior completing her undergraduate degree at the University of California Los Angeles. This is her first year on the HerCampus editorial team and is super excited about being able to improve her portfolio and experience as a writer. Outside of HerCampus Odette enjoys reading books of fiction and writing songs and poetry.