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Welcome To The Lip Product Renaissance: My Top 5 Go-To’s And The Top 5 On My Wishlist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Live, love, lip product. This has been my go-to motto ever since I was little and my mom let me pick out fun Lip Smackers flavors at Target. And as the years have gone by, my love for lippies has only grown. I feel very lucky to live in a world where it feels like a new, cute lip product is dropping every week – but where does one start?? Here are the five lip products I can’t live without and the five lip products that I can’t wait to try.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

I feel like this is shocking to literally no one, but I can confirm that this product is worth all the hype and more. I carry my Pink Sugar around everywhere I go like it’s my most prized possession. I LOVE the formula and I think it’s not only super cute but super moisturizing!

Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lip

For the record, I’m not usually even a lipstick person! When I do use it, however, this is the product I reach for the most. Pillow Talk is such a good shade it’s not even funny, and this is the perfect lip product to elevate my routine.

Fenty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

I feel like we don’t talk about this product enough, considering how good it is. The formula is a little bit thick which can sometimes be a little overstimulating for me, but this is perfect for a night out or when you need a little extra sparkle in your life (and who doesn’t?). It also smells amazing, if you’re into that.

Glossier Balm Dotcom

To make things super clear, I do think the old formula was better and the new applicator kind of makes me sad. HOWEVER, I still am a forever fan of Balm Dotcom. We go wayyyy back — I literally used to keep a tube of Birthday in my pencil pouch in high school. She’s simply a classic to me.

MAC Cremesheen Glass

This is kind of an obscure pick, but this lip gloss is a hidden treasure. I happened to get this as a gift and discovered it is the PERFECT topper for lipstick! It’s a little sheer to stand on its own, but it’s not too thick and really cute.

Now for the wishlist…

Summer Fridays Dream Lip Oil

I could have had this by now and maybe it would’ve been in the favorites, but the Sephora delivery driver stole my package and then they were out of stock. So thanks a lot for that, whoever you are. Anyways, I’m obsessed with these shades and I have yet to find a lip oil that really speaks to me, so I can’t wait to try this one!

Tower 28 LipSoftie Lip Treatment

They had me at Ube Vanilla. I am a sucker for a good flavor, and Tower 28 really delivered on that front. I also think the applicator is really cute and have seen nothing but good things about these on Tiktok!

MERIT Shade Stick

Again, I am dying to find a good lip oil. I’ve recently started using MERIT’s other products and I’m a huge fan, so I already know that this is going to become my new obsession. I also love that they have two kinds of formulas.

Glossier Ultralip

If you can recall, I’m not usually a lipstick girl. However, something about Ultralip has always really appealed to me and I’ve wanted to try it for a hot second now. There are almost too many shades to choose from!

Ole Henriksen Pout Preserve Lip Treatment

This is the most recent addition to my lip product wishlist. While it may look like just another variation of Summer Fridays, I’ve seen really good reviews of these and I think the packaging is super cute. Again, the fun flavors are really getting me.

Those are the five lip products I use everyday and the five lip products I wish I could try! This will inevitably change as more and more companies get on this wave of releasing lip products. I’m just happy to be along for the ride. 

Kelly is a second-year Communications major at UCLA from Pasadena, California. During her free time, she can usually be found lost in a book, grabbing a coffee, or obsessing over the latest reality TV show.