Top 6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Westwood

Boo! Halloween is finally here, and Westwood is one of the best places to be. Here are five ways for UCLA students to celebrate the 31:.  

1. Dressing up and going to Rocco's or Barneys

Great option for those over 21 and ready to celebrate holiday in an adult fashion.

2. Going to the frats

Frat hopping is just like trick-or-treating except you're getting more tricks than treats.


3. Having a karaoke night at a candy store

Check out Rocket Fizz in Westwood. It is always a blast there. No better way to celebrate than with lots and lots of candy.

4. Going Halloween costume shopping at Halloween Club

5. Watch Dawn of the Dead at the Hammer Museum

Film starts at 7:30PM and you can get free tickets here.

6. Volunteer at the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital to hand out candy to child patients

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