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Tips for Visiting Las Vegas

When the last of my roommates turned 21, we knew it was finally time for Vegas. So we booked a hotel room at the Monte Carlo and filled two cars for the weekend trip. And while I won’t give you a play-by-play of the weekend’s adventures, I can at least confirm it was memorable. Amiss the dancing, socializing, gambling, and eating, we figured out some tips and tricks for taking on Sin City.

First of all, get in touch with all your promoters. I highly recommend putting your name on every list just in case your group, like ours, likes to wander. Of course we even tried to sneak into Marquee after missing our time slot the night Kaskade and ten other DJ’s were spinning, but luckily we had a table ready and waiting for us at Pure and our night was just as, if not more, fun. While it’s pretty easy to get into most clubs without a promoter, getting a VIP table and free drinks certainly makes it worthwhile. Promoters will not only make sure you are taken care of, but they can also give you the inside scoop of what’s going on that night and the rest of the weekend.
And speaking of getting into clubs, make Vegas a girl’s trip! The ten of us got in everywhere and anywhere without any hiccups. No offense to all our boys, but mobility in Vegas is just easier with only women. You will be asked to more tables and offered more drinks if you let the boys take care of themselves. You shouldn’t have to wait in line; UCLA women are always sexy enough to get the rope lifted right away.
Also be sure to explore the strip! While sleeping in until 4pm might seem like the inevitable, I promise that walking around will only get you more excited to rally through the next night. Gaze at the Cosmopolitan’s crystals, watch the water show at the Bellagio, take a picture by the “Eiffel Tower”, sneak into a wedding chapel, or try to find out who is staying in ‘The Hangover” suite at Caesars Place, like we successfully did.  Vegas is the adult version of Disneyland: “the happiest place on earth.” There is so much to see besides the inside of TAO or Surrender and I highly recommend you take it all in.
Other than that, simply release your inhibitions and have the time of your life with friends. You know you can always look forward to scanning through everyone’s pictures the next day and laughing about the ridiculous scenarios you got into. Vegas is a bonding experience that I can’t wait to enjoy again…and next time, I’m signing up for a buffet.

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