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Tik Tok Sensation Turned Pop Star: We Need To Talk About Natalie Jane

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

TikTok sensation Natalie Jane, widely recognized as “nataliejanesings” on the platform, took center stage at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles on April 10 for her Where Am I Again Tour. It’s safe to say, she will be a household name any day now. With her captivating stage presence and undeniable musical talent, Natalie is definitely one to watch. And with her devoted fan base, who sang along all night long, Natalie is destined for success.

From singing in parking garages to headlining her own tour, Natalie treated her fans to many beloved tracks from her EP “Where Am I?”. Among them were crowd favorites like “If You Died Today” and “Seeing You With Other Girls“. She even delivered a mesmerizing rendition of “Crazy”, which, I don’t know about you, but that’s how I first discovered her on Tik Tok. As she belted out these powerful ballads and more, the crowd cheered and shed tears, caught up in Natalie’s phenomenal performance and infectious energy, urging everyone to dance along and enjoy the good vibes.


Los Angeles i love you so much❤️

♬ original sound – nataliejanesings

Natalie’s raw talent and her dedication to delivering an unforgettable performance shone through in her rendition of “AVA” — it had me wondering, “who the fuck is Ava?” She also sang with her opening act, the talented Jessica Baio, in a performance that left us all in awe. Seriously, these girls together were pure magic. As the show came to a close, both Natalie and the audience felt a bit of sadness saying farewell, but we all knew this wouldn’t be the last we’d see of her. With her unstoppable presence both online and on tour, Natalie proves she’s a force to be reckoned with.

As someone who absolutely loves attending concerts and has a soft spot for Pop Princesses like Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter, and Ariana Grande, I’ve had the privilege of seeing them all live before they skyrocketed to fame. And let me tell you, after experiencing Natalie’s concert firsthand, I can confidently say she’s destined to follow the same path. Her fan base is incredibly devoted, singing along to every word with passion and empathy. Whether she expressed anger or sadness, the audience mirrored her emotions, creating an electric atmosphere of shared sentiment. At the beginning of the concert, she said her show was going to be one big therapy session, centered around heartbreak and healing, and she damn sure created that. Natalie’s musical talent is undeniable, and as a newfound fan, I’m eagerly awaiting her upcoming music.


can i see you tonight comes out TONIGHT AHHHHH #WOOHOO

♬ original sound – nataliejanesings

So overall, I highly recommend catching Natalie on tour if you get the chance. But if you happen to miss her live, don’t worry — you can always find her on TikTok and stream her music on any platform you prefer. Natalie, I’ve got my fingers crossed to see you grace the Coachella stage next year, because your unique vibe is truly one of a kind. Now BRB, gonna stream her EP.

Jenny is a second-year Psychology major at UCLA, from Reedley, California. She loves working out, going on iced coffee runs, staying updated with the latest celebrity gossip, and watching early 2000's rom-coms. In her free time, you'll likely find her walking around campus with an iced coffee, music blaring, and always shopping on Bruinwalk.