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The Best Places To Pee On UCLA’s Campus: Ranked

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

An essential measure of the effectiveness and enjoyability of a campus is its bathrooms. UCLA has a range of buildings and thus a range of bathrooms to use, though some are definitely of higher quality than others. Without further ado, the following is a collection of my own and other students’ thoughts on the hierarchy of campus pee spots:

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Okay, yes, Luskin is barely on campus, but I digress. These are bar none the best bathrooms at UCLA, which is to be expected, but they are just leagues above the rest. The whole building is quite nice and also a pretty good study spot. Bonus points for peeing in the same bathroom as Joe Burrow. 

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This is also a pretty predictable one, but these bathrooms are pretty top-notch, especially for UCLA. There are many stalls and tampons, they’re clean and the stalls go all the way to the floor. I have no complaints, honestly. A solid 10/10 in my book. Definitely worth the detour.

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So after assigning the previously mentioned locations as the campus’ best bathrooms, I struggled to find a suitable third place. Even after receiving many recommendations from peers, it turns out that I haven’t just been in the wrong bathrooms — most are just not very conducive to the peak peeing experience. However, Pritzker was a good option and the best of the others I tried. It’s small, but very clean, and it just looks new. The water from the water fountain was a couple of degrees above lukewarm so maybe look elsewhere for a well-rounded excursion.

The bathrooms on campus are for the most part usable, so I don’t have too many complaints, especially considering the size of the school. I do, though, love a good bathroom stall break (even if I don’t have to go) so I appreciate an occasional field trip to Anderson or Luskin. We should all do our part to keep campus bathrooms usable for everyone (someone please let me know when the YRL first-floor bathroom locks again). Happy peeing!

Leila is from New York City and is a second-year Statistics major at UCLA. When she's not looking for article ideas for HC UCLA, she can be found at the beach with a book or finding fun places around LA!