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Style Experiment: Trying UCLA’s Trendiest Aesthetics With Student Stylists

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

We’re at UCLA, just minutes away from Beverly Hills and global superstars. This is quite literally one of the world’s fashion hot spots, so when I walk down Bruinwalk every day it feels like I’m at fashion week (even our Bruin Bear is sporting a little silver duct tape moment right now too)!

One of my favorite things I look forward to every day is admiring the creativity and diversity of the fashion that makes our campus extra special.

If you’re a friend of mine or even an acquaintance, you likely know that my sense of style is very important to me. However, this week I decided to take matters out of my own hands. This week, I tried seven of our trendiest aesthetics from some of the most stylish students (and some of my favorite people whom I am EXTREMELY grateful for, and this article would not be possible without this incredible group).

background breakdown: what’s my style?

I would describe my style in three words: “pastel cottagecore girly.” My favorite sources of fashion inspiration include Pinterest and YouTube. Specifically, my favorite sources of style inspiration are Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Sabrina Carpenter, Jenelle Eliana, Alexis Mueller, Kate Li and AlexaSunshine83 (whom I met 4 years ago while thrifting and is the nicest influencer ever)! My color palette is PRIMARILY PINK, but I love to incorporate white and other pastel colors too. I enjoy accessorizing with jewelry, but I exclusively wear rose gold jewelry. I NEVER wear any other metal color.

Day 1: edgy grunge

For day one, we’re starting off strong with one of my best friends, Madison (who actually came up with this article idea, so thank youuuu)!

Let’s get some background behind her style and vision. She described her style in three words “2014 tumblr-esque.” Her favorite sources of fashion inspiration include “40-year-old blue-collared guys on their days off” (you can’t make this stuff up). Her color palette typically includes “greens, browns, blacks, whites and dark blues.”

Staying true to her vision, she chose to style me in a black tank, dark wash wide-leg jeans, black platform old skool vans and a white flannel layered with a signature leather jacket (outwear courtesy of her closet).

PS: All outfits are included on Instagram if you’re curious!

Day 2: old money

For day 2, we are transforming into an “old money” look which is quite a 180 from edgy grunge!

This style is brought to you by another one of my best friends, Aderinsola. She describes her style as “unique, colorful and simple.” Rihanna is her biggest source of fashion inspiration (wassup Riri)! Her color palette ranges from red, yellow, pink and black.

She styled me with a blue turtleneck, white wide-leg pants, white booties, a white buckle baguette-style handbag and a white watch to solidify the elegant look.

Day 3: la “it girl” streetwear

In my opinion, another one of my best friends, Adja is THE DEFINITION of a UCLA and LA “it girl.” She described her style as “miscellaneous, simple and chill” which flawlessly sums up the definition of LA streetwear. She loves “mostly neutrals with some pops of color.” Her main sources of inspiration come from “Pinterest and social media!” Jewelry is her favorite form of accessories and earrings are essential to her outfits as well as layering necklaces!

Going full Canadian tuxedo, she styled me fresh out of her closet with a matching denim jacket and cutout jeans set, white cropped tank, pearl bracelet, Nike Air Force ones and pearl hoop earrings (not pictured).

Day 4: tennis-player chic

Next, is a tennis player chic style from my lovely (and genius) friend Joanne! Moving away from the 2020 quarantine tennis skirt trend, this style is modern and classy in an everyday wearable way. Calm colors and clean-cut lines beautifully describe this look.

She describes her style in 3 words “comfortable, minimal and lazy.” Serena Williams would likely say the same! Her inspiration is “Pinterest if [she] wants to look cute.” Her color palette is mostly neutral colors and blues. Accessorizing is understandably simple and she has a signature necklace and earrings that she never takes off due to the sentiment.

She styled me with a white and black outlined exercise tank, white tennis skirt, Nike Air Force ones, scrunched socks and a white sweater draped over the shoulders to complete the look.

Day 5: coquette

Amber is one of the most down-to-earth and aesthetically pleasing people I have ever met. Her style SCREAMS coquette and her Instagram literally looks like the next top influencer (check it out).

She described her style in three words “feminine, romantic and cutesy.” Her favorite sources of fashion inspiration are @nobootybuii, @swondine, @crysta.bel and @michellelky_! Her color palette is “anything light or pastel so like white is my main color then light yellow then pink hehe.” (THIS IS TO DIE FOR!) Recently, she’s been getting more into hair accessories so she likes cute little bows and ribbons. Also, she loves to add a touch of gold or pearls!

She styled me with a signature pearl necklace, vintage white kitten heels, a strawberry midi dress and topped it all off with a pearl baguette-style purse. I feel like I’m ready to book my one-way ticket to Paris, France now!

Day 6: “ny inspired” downtown girl

Let’s travel to the East Coast (or at least pretend we can with some NY-inspired pizza down in Westwood).

Rachel quite literally captures the essence of a New York “downtown girl”. Her look is modern-chic and makes you wonder if you might’ve just seen a model from New York Fashion Week!

She describes her style in 3 words “basic, clean and monochromatic” and her color palette includes “cool neutrals like black, white, gray, and beige.” Her style inspiration is “whatever [she] feels most comfortable in […] [She’ll] see certain clothing on influencers/stores and if it looks comfy it becomes a part of [her] style.” SEE: Bella Hadid, NY it-girl, couldn’t have said it better herself.

But I have to give it to her, ACCESSORIZING IS HER SUPERPOWER! She likes to “accessorize with earrings and necklaces and nails.” Her nails are always on point and I literally look forward to seeing her new nail look every week (I know I compliment you A LOT for your nails Rachel and it’s TRULY genuine).

She chose to style me with a gray tank, low-rise loose mid-wash Levi’s and platform Converse, and paired it off with a backpack since my nails aren’t done (my appointment is this weekend, sorry)!

Day 7: effortless vintage + y2k

Last, but certainly not least, is a combination of an effortlessly vintage and Y2K aesthetic. I remember joking with my friends in late 2019, saying “2000s fashion and low-rise will be coming back since we’re going into 2020 and fashion trends often recycle every 20 years.” I got shocked faces that looked like they had just seen a ghost (keep in mind this was peak Charli D’Amelio TikTok high-rise jeans era), but look who got the last laugh. I mean, I’m not laughing, I HATE lowrise (sorry not sorry).

But Nicole pulls off this look walking into Epidemiology every day like she is Devon Aoki‘s Suki fresh out of 2 Fast 2 Furious! She described her style as “sustainable, dynamic and grunge.” Her style inspo is usually from “Pinterest and outfits from the ’90s runways.” For her, brands like “Saint Laurent, Versace and Prada made evolutionary statement pieces and silhouettes that still continue to have such an influence on fashion trends today!” Now, she “mostly selects pieces from thrift stores and flea markets that catch her attention and makes something out of it.”

Her color palette usually consists of neutral shades of “brown/tan, white/black and often times paired with a pop of color.” Her favorite way to accessorize is with jewelry at all times and even incorporating her own crochet pieces!

She chose to style me with a white/black lacy corset top, a black low-rise mini skirt, a vintage red leather jacket and black boots! I think I found my new personal stylist!

UCLA style wrapped

Overall, it was fun, but challenging to try new aesthetics! The colors were a lot more muted and neutral than I am used to (despite my sample style picture being the most neutral outfit I’ve ever worn, I promise it’s not always like that).

I think I will be taking elements of each aesthetic to elevate my own style. It’s hard to stick to one aesthetic and you shouldn’t feel obligated to have your style stay in one box, so by all means try ALL seven! Thank you so much again to this incredible group and I hope everyone had fun joining me on this style journey!

Danielle is a second-year from Temecula, CA. Her articles range from sharing interviews with influential figures, discussing the ups and downs of being a young woman in LA, and spreading positive energy through diverse stories! Happy reading!