The Sprinkles Cupcakes' Team Opened A Pizza Restaurant and It’s a Spiritual Experience

I don’t know how I went this long without hearing about Pizzana, the best new pizzeria in West LA. Located on San Vicente Blvd in Brentwood, it's just a 10-minute drive from UCLA campus. In other words, it feels like a whole world away from Westwood, but the Uber is only a couple bucks. 

Despite only opening this past April, Pizzana is already so popular that there was a 40-minute wait before 7 PM on a Tuesday. They do have additional seating outside, but its probably a good idea to make reservations—especially if you're going for a special occasion. But don’t let the wait dissuade you! Food critic Jonathan Gold waited outside for several hours just to try their pizza and he still called it “the real deal.”

Chef Daniele Uditi is truly an artiste when it comes to making his unique, gourmet pizzas. At your first bite, it's clear to see why Candace and Charles Nelson (the creators or Sprinkles Cupcakes) and actor Chris O’Donnell (from "NCIS: LA" and "Batman & Robin") and his wife Caroline chose Uditi to rule their kitchen. 

In a Hollywood Reporter interview, Nelson explained her love for the cupcakes, ice cream, and pizza, saying, "I like to joke that if it's a carb, I'm into it.” I think we can all relate to that.

To start, we had fried artichokes topped with toasted pine nuts, lemon juice and olive oil.

Though neither of us are necessarily artichoke enthusiasts (they were a recommendation from our waitress) we absolutely loved them. Being a veggie-eating health goddess never tasted so good.

Next, we shared the Corbarina pizza, which is dressed in three fresh cheeses, sliced cherry tomatoes and squash blossoms. I will admit that Pizzana is not the most affordable of dinner spots, but sharing one entree was plenty of food for the two of us. Plus, it feels comfortable and fun, and definitely does not have the snobby attitude of some other upscale LA restaurants.

And now… to save up so I can go back and not skip dessert (they have Sprinkles ice cream!).