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Spring Into Spring Fashion: 5 Looks I Can’t Wait To Style

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Spring has sprung! The weather is warming up and the doom and gloom of winter is finally drifting away. For me at least, the change in seasons also means a shift in fashion. I’m so ready to step away from wearing a hoodie 24/7 and move towards more exciting styles. After some internet scouring, I’ve been inspired to shake it up and try some new fashion trends for spring. These are the ones I’m most excited for:


You might be a bit skeptical of this (I was too), but hear me out. Say you want something lighter than pants, but snazzier than jorts. Boxers are the perfect solution. I have a pair from the brand Oddli that I am obsessed with (admittedly, there are probably a lot of cheaper options). Mine are red, and I love pairing them with any kind of white t-shirt or sweater. 

Pops Of Red

Speaking of red, I’ve been noticing a lot of girlies wearing little pops of red in their outfits. Picture a red bag, red shoes, or red baseball hat. This paired with a monochromatic fit (maybe all black?) or simple jeans and a white t-shirt is “chefs-kiss.” This trick gives even the most effortless outfit that “cool-girl” vibe. 

Blokette Core

This has taken a while to grow on me, but I think I’m finally ready to give it a try. This style combines sportswear, like jerseys, with more feminine items like skirts or bows. I already own and love a pair of Adidas Sambas and I think they would play into this aesthetic really well. 


This is nothing new for me, but it is something I want to keep experimenting with in different ways as the sun comes out this spring. I see layering with sheer materials becoming more popular within this aesthetic, which I think would be super fun to experiment with. 

Ballet Flats

I never thought I’d say this, but ballet flats are back and I’m kind of into it. Have no fear, we aren’t styling these in a business casual way. I love the look of flats that have some kind of strap on top, Mary Janes-esque. I also love the look of flats with socks and maybe a cute short skirt. 

Spring is somewhat of a transitional period, warmer than winter but not as hot as summer. In my opinion, this slight state of limbo provides such a good opportunity for testing out new styles. Here’s to a new season, new looks, and stepping out of comfort zones!

Lily is a third year Political Science major at UCLA from Sarasota, FL. In her free time, she loves binge-watching sitcoms, listening to music, and finding new coffee shops.