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6 Girl Power Movies You Can Watch During Your Galentine’s Day Celebration

February is here and it truly is the month of love, but for those of us not celebrating Valentine’s Day, it calls for a Galentine’s celebration. In spirit of “Galentine’s Day,” here is a list of six movies that highlight empowering women and stories that focus on female leads. They make the perfect showing for a Galentine’s celebration, or even just a personal binge-watch:

legally blonde

We have to kick off the list with an absolute classic. Elle Woods is truly a feminine icon. She is able to tackle law school despite all the people who had doubts about her intuition and intelligence. And she does this all without sacrificing her femininity in the process. Something that is so inspiring about her is her ambition and her optimism despite constant critiques from those around her. This movie never fails at convincing me that I can achieve amazing things despite the world trying to tell me no.

Thelma and louise

For those who haven’t seen Thelma and Louise, you need to stop what you are doing and watch this masterpiece. The movie follows two strong female leads, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, as they try to escape the country following a murder that occurred in self-defense. Thelma and Louise learn to conquer their own internal conflicts and help lift each other up along the way. There should be a trigger warning as it deals with heavy topics such as sexual assault, but it shows a sense of perseverance as the women fight for their freedom and overcome conflict along the way. It’s a must-watch for any young woman.

Hidden figures

Hidden Figures is another movie that highlights the accomplishments of women in science. It follows the true story of the brains behind a major mission to launch astronaut John Glenn into orbit. The women behind the launch were the first Black managers of a space mission project at NASA, and the story follows their brilliance while they often are robbed of the credit they deserve because of their gender and race. It is a moment in history that needs to be shared and this movie helps with giving the women behind the launch a proper chance to have their story heard.

little women

Little Women is by far one of my personal favorites on this list. Based on the Louisa May Alcott novel, the film follows four sisters through their lives and each woman’s own trials and tribulations. It focuses on independence, and while you follow along with the womens’ stories, you become invested in their lives and well beings. Jo March alone is an icon as she deals with her desire for freedom and self-expression during a time when a woman’s only role in life was to marry off into a good family. Alcott’s work is timeless and this movie adaptation highlights her work in the best way.


Clueless is yet again, another classic. Cher Horowitz is a young woman who does what she wants, and will not allow herself to be pushed around. This coming-of-age movie puts a spotlight on what it means to be a teenager and shows us how you can be feminine but still in control of your own life. 


I had to throw a Disney movie into the mix and when it comes to being a strong female lead, Mulan hits every mark. Once again, in this movie, women are expected to hold a certain role in society, but Mulan breaks these barriers by doing whatever it takes to be of service. She pretends to be a man so she is allowed to fight in the war and proves that women can do everything that a man can. During a time when princess movies followed a similar format of a prince coming in to save the day, Mulan flips the script and shows that women are brave and powerful figures on their own. And if you haven’t blasted “Reflection” in the car at full volume, then have you really lived?

So with all the emphasis on love and relationships this month, take some time to watch these movies and embrace the force women have in the world. Valentine’s Day will always come around, but make space for a Galentine’s date as well!

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