For The Single & The Cuffed: 7 Perfect Restaurants To Spend Valentines Day In Los Angeles

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and it’s definitely a day to either treat yourself or those around you. Last year, I had a wonderful dinner with my best friend surrounded by tons of couples, and it was still SO fun. Don’t fear Valentines Day because you don’t have that “person” to share it with. Enjoy it with yourself, with a friend or with your special person. Every way is aye okay! With that, here are the perfect restaurants you can head over to!

1. The Butcher, The Baker, The Capuccino Maker 

This place is #totesadorbz. Their coffee is not coffee; it’s art. They have an array of amazing menu options from classic pasta pomodoro to avocado toast or a short rib sandwich. Really, they got it all. And the scenery is A1. They also take reservations, so reserve away! 

2. Cafe Gratitude 

Cafe Gratitude is one the best vegan eateries Los Angeles has to offer! They have delicious bowls, sandwiches and awesome dessert options. Super cute and yummy! 

3. Gladstone's Malibu 

Gladstones is one of my all the time favorites. It is right on the beach, the scenery is amazing and their food is super good! They have typical American dishes with tons of sea food specials. 

4. Jon & Vinny’s 

You’ve definitely seen their fusilli pasta with marinara posted on multiple Snapchat stories and wondered, wow, where is that place? Well, Jon & Vinny’s! A classic Italian restaurant with a modern twist, it’s definitely a challenge to get a spot here! Plan in advance, and you’ll have yourself a super fun night. And a trendy one! 

5. Rose Cafe Restaurant 

Venice Beach its beautiful in itself, so why not spend this lovely holiday there? Rose Cafe Restaurant is colorful and fun, joined with a broad menu sure to please anyone! They have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, ranging from chia seed pudding to their signature Italian Stallion pizza. Yum!

6. Eataly 

What is Eataly you ask? Italy squeezed into Los Angeles. Yup. It's that epic. They have every Italian delcacy you could ever think of with a lovely European ambiance: Italian gelato, pizza flatbreads, freshly made pastas, salads, chocolates, everything.. To top it off, they have specials for this special day! Check them out for 2 for 1 Italian Espresso or the exclusive Valentine's Day Menus at Terra, Ill Pesce Cucina and heart shaped pizzas from La Pizza & La Pasta! 

7. Lono

Lono is a little more romantic but groovy for its sultry ambiance, but it is nevertheless ideal for both the #single and the #cuffed. Including a lovely Tiki Bar, head down to Hollywood and enjoy a special night with a Hawaiian feel! It's also perfect to dance the night away with your girl gang.. just saying (girl, they have a TIKI BAR). No pressure, though :).