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Ryan Nagy ’12

Name: Ryan Nagy
Year: 3rd year, 2012
Major: Environmental Science (with a Minor in Environmental Engineering)
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA
Activities: Weight-lifting, Lambda Chi Alpha
What do you find most attractive in a girl?
First off, I think natural beauty is a big thing. Just like Drake says, a girl who can pull off sweatpants and no make up and still be beautiful is my girl. Someone who can kick it with my bros, is a jokester, and can understand my guy-mentality is important too (all of which my girlfriend has!).
Your perfect date?
Stay at home. Cook together, maybe make a few drinks, and enjoy a movie after.
Do you want to have kids?
Yes. Well, I guess it depends on what my wife and I agree on, but I would say three would be nice.
Any turnoffs?
Passive-aggressiveness, and girls who are self-centered.

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