Rom Com Fest: Grab Your Best Gal Pals & Re-Live Your Fantasies At The First Romantic Comedy Festival in LA

Whether your summer is packed with working back-to-back internships or grinding away in summer school, don’t forget to take the time to hang out with your best friends. And the easiest way to do that is by diving deep into your feels this summer at the first-ever Rom Com Fest. The festival will take place at the Downtown Independent Theater from June 20-23. Each day is packed with nostalgic throwbacks and fresh new films that are sure to become your favorite by the end of the day.

Miraya Berke is the founder of Rom Com Fest and co-founder of the successful Dessert Goals Festival. Berke is “passionate about the romantic comedy genre” and hopes to bring legitimacy to the genre through “the eyes of film fans, filmmakers and critics." Rom Com Fest is the first film festival of its kind. The three-day event will be dedicated to showcasing romantic comedies of the past and the future. This festival is designed to remind people that romantic comedies are an art form that deserve recognition for creating films with high longevity and solid fan bases. They create bonds of love and community between family and friends.

You’ll cry tears of love and laughter while watching classics such as Bride Wars and 10 Things I Hate About You. You and your group of friends can also be the first to see the premieres of films like Tracks, directed by Jamie Patterson, and Summer Night, directed by Joseph Cross. Rom com lovers can enjoy the best of the genre while reminiscing with old favorites and being exposed to future favorites. There will also be a short films competition where 10 featured shorts will be up for the Jury Award and Audience Award.

Thanks to Dessert Goals, you and your friends don’t have to create some elaborate plan to sneak food in. Various vendors such as Jessie’s Nutty Cups and Stuffed Cookies will be present and ready for your sweet-tooth needs.

If you and your crew end up having to travel a ways to get to Rom Com Fest and need housing, then you’re in luck! Rom Com fest is partnering with The Ace Hotel and offering 20% off of rooms for festival goers.

Don’t wait til the last minute to reignite your love for romance with your most beloved friends. To purchase tickets to this heart-warming event and see the schedule, visit!