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Review: Tinfoil Bodega is One Of LA’s Best Kept Secrets

If you’re looking for a chill atmosphere with with killer food, then look no further because Tinfoil Bodega will be your new one-stop sandwich stop! We had the privilege of visiting the restaurant and trying out a few of their most popular sandwiches on the menu.

When we first went inside the Bodega, we were honestly shocked at the the restaurant setting. The main entrance reminded us of a western convenience store, with aisles of gourmet snacks and a grand assortment of alcohol ranging from IPA’s to red wine. We walked up to the register and were confused to see no signs of a restaurant. What happened next was both shocking and exciting.

They asked us for the secret password. Little did we know that right above the register, all shoppers can see the laminated statement, “Do you sell birthday candles?” When customers read this “secret” phrase, a doorway buzzes open.

We ended up in another room that looked like an old 1920’s speakeasy, meant for hiding a deli instead of a bar. Every single sandwich at Tinfoil is made from scratch; from the house-cured meat to the freshest mozzarella, the high quality of each sandwich is quite obvious. Not to mention, the serving size is fairly large, making the price worth it. We then ordered, and the delicious looking food finally made it into our stomachs. 

1. Cuban Reuben – $10

Pastrami, Ham, Swiss Cheese, Pickles, Mustard Butter, Mojo Slaw

The Cuban Reuben is one of Tinfoil’s most popular sandwiches. When it was brought to us, we were shocked to see how large the portion size was. The sandwich is thick, with quality house-cured pastrami and ham—it smells divine! The mojo slaw and crisp pickles give the dish some refreshing qualities while also adding a flavor of tanginess that kept us going back for more. The spiciness of the mustard butter spread pairs very well with the sweetness of the ham. Overall, the Cuban Reuben is a 10/10 for us!

2. Club Rafter – $10

Smoked Turkey, Bacon, Chipotle Aioli, White Cheddar Cheese, Arugula

This sandwich is a total winner. You can really taste the smokiness in each slice of turkey that was layered on the sandwich. The balanced portion of cold bacon has the perfect amount of fat inside of it, giving the sandwich a creamy and succulent bite. Our favorite part about this sandwich is the chipotle aioli spread. It. Is. Magical. The spice from the chipotle, along with the garlic from the aioli makes each bite taste like a garlic bread dream. The sandwich itself doesn’t feel too heavy, despite the only vegetable being arugula. 

3. Cap-Ray-Zay – $8

Fresh Mozarella, Plum Tomatoes, Herb Pesto, Peppadew Vinaigrette, Baby Spinach

If you are a vegetarian and think that Tinfoil has nothing to serve you, I ask you to think again! The Cap-Ray-Zay sandwich is the the answer to all vegetarians who are tired of bland sandwiches. Upon first glance, it looks like an average caprese sandwich, but the taste is out of this world. The fresh mozzarella is especially moist and creamy, and it pairs very well with the fresh plum tomatoes and spinach. The two stars of this sandwich are the herb pesto and the Peppadew vinaigrette. The Peppadew gave a tangy and sweet flavor to the sandwich that balanced out with the earthy and garlic flavors of the pesto. Both of these spreads are house-made, and if given the opportunity, we would have bought a gallon of each.

4. Macaroni Salad

Hard Cooked Eggs, Ham, Chives

We decided to order one of Tinfoil’s side dishes, and we chose the rich macaroni salad. The cold macaroni is perfectly al dente, while the mixed in chunks of ham add a nice briny note to the meal. In our opinion, the macaroni salad, plus a Rafter sandwich makes a great combo.

Overall, we definitely recommend making your next lunch plans at Tinfoil. If you appreciate a chill, intimate setting with even cooler people, then you’ll really enjoy the ambiance of Tinfoil. Not to mention, the mouthwatering food will keep you coming back.

UCLA 2020 Pamela is a Feature Writer for the UCLA Chapter of Her Campus. When Pamela isn't stressing over exams you can find her obsessing over skin care routines, reading POC-centered novels, and attempting to exercise. 
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