Review: 'Sweet Chick' Will Prompt Your Southern Food Obsession

Sweet Chick is the perfect combination of a Southern restaurant with Los Angeles charm. This cozy spot is located on 448 N Fairfax and stands out against the blocks of trendy clothing stores, catching the eyes of many.

Upon entering, we felt as if we were transported into a modern bed and breakfast in Texas. The metal chairs, wooden tables, and plaques all projected a rustic feeling, while the stringed lights and neon signs took a nod to modernity. We were welcomed with a warm ambiance that emanated from the hostess Melanie, who immediately insisted that we try their signature Mac and Cheese dish. But before we could even get to ordering food, we had to sample their wide selection of mixed drinks! 

Instead of ordering a Mimosa, we decided to spice things up by ordering a classic Bellini, made with peach nectar and sparkling wine. We also ordered a Rum and Mexican Coke. The sweetness of the peach nectar balanced the light tartness of the sparkling wine, giving the drink a fresh taste overall. This light drink was perfect for our rich brunch meals. We loved the usage of Mexican Coke instead of regular Coke as the former uses cane sugar rather than high fructose as a sweetener. 

Alongside the gourmet Mac and Cheese that our charming hostess recommended, we ordered two brunch time classics: Eggs Benny and Fried Chicken and Waffles. Before coming to this restaurant, consider arriving with a large appetite because they certainly do not skimp on the portions they serve. Each plate comes with enough food for two people to share and there will probably be delicious leftovers to enjoy later! 

1. Mac and Cheese - $10

Gruyere, Fontina, Aged White Cheddar, Ritz Cracker Crumble


This heaping bowl of mac and cheese was absolutely divine! It was made with a mixture of aged white cheddar, gruyere, and fontina cheese, topped with a buttery Ritz cracker topping. The mixture of cheeses combined with the conchiglie pasta made every bite creamy and luscious. Later on, when our hostess Melanie stopped by to see how we were doing, she recommended that we add some hot sauce to the macaroni in order to enhance the flavor.

Her recommendation was absolutely right and convinced us that hot sauce on macaroni should be an official law. The tanginess and sour taste of the hot sauce cut the creamy fat of the cheese and somehow made the dish seem refreshing. We highly recommend ordering Mac and Cheese if it’s your first time. After all, a restaurant is only as good as their mac and cheese allows them to be.

2. Eggs Benny - $14

On Biscuits with Shredded Smoked Chicken, Smoked Ham, Hollandaise, Home Fries


Right off the bat, our eyes gravitated towards the Eggs Benny otherwise known as Eggs Benedict. Everyone knows that eggs benedict is a brunch staple so ordering it was a must. The Eggs Benny at Sweet Chick has a noticeable southern spin to it. Instead of going with the classic English muffin base with ham or bacon, they replaced the muffin with a biscuit and the meat with smoked shredded chicken and smoked ham. The fusion of the two proteins was surprisingly balanced, with the ham giving a sweetness to the dish. Our favorite part of the dish was the home fries. They were savory chunks of roasted red potatoes and caramelized onions that made them the perfect side dish to the eggs benedict!

3. Sweet Chicken and Waffles - $17

2 Piece Chicken + Choice of Specialty Waffle

Our last dish was the one we looked forward to the most: chicken and waffles! The restaurant prides itself on their various savory and sweet waffles including bacon and cheddar, dried cherry, rosemary and mushroom, and many more. They even have a “chicken” option for vegetarians that we heard is just as delicious. We couldn't decide which to choose from so our waiter AJ helped us choose the Apple N’ Cinnamon waffles with fried chicken. The waffles resembled fluffy, spongy clouds with hidden bites of green apple. They contrasted perfectly with the crunchy and succulent fried chicken.

Before we left we sat down with the manager of Sweet Chick, Chip Cruz. Chip was extremely gracious and warm to us and every other guest in the restaurant. He explained that he actually moved all the way from the original Sweet Chick location in New York to come and take care of the new Los Angeles location. Chip said that the reason he and the staff try to always be gracious to their guests is because the culture of Sweet Chick is all about showing the loving hospitality and care that one would get in a place they call home. He happily explained that, “If you respond to love, if you respond to good food, and if you respond to good people and good times, then we’ve got something for you here. We make the food with love and we want that to translate to the customer.” With this being the only Sweet Chick in California, the management plans on taking very good care of it.

Overall, our experience at Sweet Chick exceeded our expectations and was more delightful than we could ever have asked for. We were lucky enough to spend our Sunday morning in the company of delicious, comforting food, and even better people. We definitely recommend Sweet Chick to anyone who wants to have a good time with the people you care about. Plus, Mother’s Day is coming up hint hint.