Review: Cafe Hollywood's Milkshakes Bring Everyone to the Yard

Located inside Planet Hollywood, Cafe Hollywood is a "celebration of all things hollywood."

With photos of iconic celebrities visiting Planet Hollywood all over the purple walls, the restaurant is a modern trendy take on the classic 1950's Hollywood diner.

A trip to the diner isn't complete without a delicious milkshake, but it would be unfair to compare a Cafe Hollywood milkshake to a normal milkshake. I got a Strawberry Milkshake, covered with sweets like candy, sprinkles, and a slice of cake. The milkshake tasted as yummy as it looked. 

Other favorites include the Ahi Tuna Salad (which included avocado and the most amazing ginger dressing), a crunchy yet soft Salmon, and a deliciously cheesy mac n cheese.

The nachos were also very filling. We kept eating and eating and it felt like we could never reach the bottom of the plate. Highly recommend for a big group to share.

Other than having an alcoholic bar and a dessert bar in the middle of the casino, the best part about Cafe Hollywood is that it is open 24 hours and serves breakfast all day! There is nothing better than their famous croissant French toast in the middle of the night. The staff is also super accommodating and even made us special Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Overall, if you are looking for a quick delicious meal at an instagramable location in Las Vegas, I would highly recommend stopping by Cafe Hollywood.