A Reflection In Support And Solidarity With The Human Race

Racism in America today. What does it look like? More than a virus, more than a disease. It's spread to every part of our body politic and taken countless upon countless lives. This widespread disease in the United States. Will we let it continue to raid the lives of the innocent and preclude the voices of justice? Tumors can go unnoticed, undetected and untreated by some. Ignoring them, though, unquestionably leads to one inevitable fate.

Death. And with it, death of equity, death of justice, death of humanity at its purest. So, will America choose to let this cancer run rampant among society, causing widespread, unlawful and inhumane death? Or will America accept its diagnosis, face facts, and work tirelessly to find a cure? Treatment, without question, will be painful, heart wrenching, trying. But is unequivocally, incontestably, morally, ethically, socially necessary.

What is a society without basic human rights? How can life go on without the acknowledgment of human equity. Having no barriers, no caveats, no exceptions, no excuses? When did the American dream become the American nightmare? This system, our system, of American law, justice, individual rights and justice is one of many flaws; flaws that perpetuate racial inequity, systemic injustices and atrocities, and a blatant disregard for basic human rights. Our system is also one where change does come through voices, through action, through solidarity.

Sticker You Sticker You / Unsplash Not easily, not without struggle, not without strife and not without heartache, but a united voice can only make this message stronger. This message that it is up to all of us. No matter what sexual, religious or political orientation, no matter what size, shape, color or background; to self evaluate, examine, listen, educate, act - feel uncomfortable and lean in with open eyes, open hearts and open minds to stand in solidarity against the violation of human life.

Our generation of activists, aligning with the basic, moral and necessary pillars of human rights. We are the generation that needs to root out these systematic racial injustices promoting inequity and violating equality of opportunity, justice, peace and basic humanity. I am not black, I have not experienced any of these injustices first-hand and I will never truly understand how it feels to be black in America. But I am a woman, I am an American, I am human and I will stand, unwavering and unendingly, for human rights, racial equity and a changed society.

I stand for the demolition of artificial barriers and institutions that separate black lives from those of the privilege and opportunity. I stand for the upholding of and necessary implementation of the recognition of rights and human dignity for all people. Because without this, society and civilization as we know it will fall. So what kind of nation do we want to live in?