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Rating The Top 4 Coffee Shops In Westwood

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

There are so many coffee shops in Westwood, and navigating them can be tricky! You might know (or at least know of) some of these spots and want to try some good coffee, so I compiled a ranking of Westwood’s finest:

4. Bluestone Lane

Bluestone is a quaint place with lots of food options and a good list of coffee options. They offer the basics on the menu board and have different syrups depending on the season. I ordered a basic Iced Vanilla Latte with Oat Milk and enjoyed it! If you like a little sweetness but not overpowering levels of it, this is your place. It was good but expensive and the food list seemed pretty good, too! 

3. Starbucks

Ah, Starbucks… hear me out. They make some phenomenal drinks – their cold brews are fire and seasonal drinks are great – but when you’re looking for something more consistent it might not be the very best option out there. However if you have some stars and are in the mood for Starbucks I highly recommend their Chocolate Cold Brew, if you’re more of a bitter coffee person, and the Chai Tea Latte (with your fav cold foam), if you like more sweet and are a tea lover. 

2. Ministry of Coffee

A company originally from Sydney, Australia now serves coffee right by Trader Joe’s in Westwood! Ministry of Coffee has Turkish inspiration and is a super cute place to hang out and grab a cup of coffee or some food. I ordered an iced vanilla latte with oat milk and it was pretty good. The consistency almost reminded me of hot chocolate and it was very rich and velvety. They are light on the syrup so it is on the more bitter side which I enjoyed in comparison to other places, but if you’re a sweet girlie definitely ask for extra. They have an outside seating area that is inviting and always lively. Their indoor seating is more cozy and feels almost like you’re in someone’s house.

1. Alfred’s

This place is great. The reviews and the hype are worth it; Alfred’s is amazing. Their World Famous Iced Vanilla Latte is what you should get if you go because they make their own vanilla syrup (which they also sell in bottles) and it is superb. Their coffee is the perfect consistency – not too watery but also not too heavy. It tastes fresh and I have never gotten burnt espresso from them. Their other drinks are funky and remind me of Dutch Bros a little bit because of the creativity and candy-like taste. This place is for you if you like matcha, tea or coffee and is my overall top pick for Westwood.

Here were the top four coffee shops in Westwood. You might or might not agree with my ratings, but I think we can all at least agree that Westwood has some pretty cool cafes. I recommend you checking them out before the quarter ends!

Kailey is an English major at UCLA and has her sights set on writing pieces that connect people to nature. Her main goal in her articles is to inspire people to be authentic and chase their passion.