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Ranking The Best (and Worst…) Super Bowl Ads of 2024

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

With over 120 million viewers this year, it’s safe to say that you most likely watched at least some of the Super Bowl. Maybe you’re a fan of the Niners, Chiefs, Taylor Swift, Usher, or, a member of the massive group of people who simply tune in for the commercials! Considering a 30 second airtime for an ad costs 7 million dollars, it’s assumed that these commercials are going to be top-notch–entertaining, funny, and engaging. While there are certainly quite a few A-grade ads from this year, there are also multiple that make me question their company’s decision making abilities… anyway, let’s dive right into the best (and worst) ads of this year’s Super Bowl!

First place: Michael CeraVe (Cerave)

CeraVe’s cheeky ad featuring well-known and beloved actor Michael Cera(Ve) definitely takes the cake for this year’s best Super Bowl ad, in my opinion. Before this ad was aired, Cera was spotted signing CeraVe bottles at pharmacies, much to the public’s speculation that perhaps Cera truly was a founder of the brand. Alas, CeraVe is made by dermatologists, but Cera himself was certainly hilarious advertising for them. This commercial features Cera revealing the truth about him being one with CeraVe, featuring moisturizing a snowy mountain that he is rock climbing, gliding majestically through billowing curtains, massaging someone who is actually himself, and even conversing with a narwhal. This ad is quite the rollercoaster, but undoubtedly the funniest and most original commercial out of the bunch this year. Don’t believe me? Watch it yourself!

Second place: “Like a good neighbaaa” (State Farm)

Who doesn’t love Arnold Schwartzenegger and Danny DeVito? State Farm certainly took advantage of these big names to make a goofy commercial making fun of Schwartzenegger’s thick Austrian accident. This causes him to pronounce State Farm’s signature catchphrase as “like a good neighbaaa,” prompting the crew on the set of the commercial to constantly have to correct him. On the set of the fake commercial, Schwartzenegger is seen jumping through an explosion, flying a helicopter, and landing a parachute – all action-packed and all funny. In the end, Schwartzenegger’s line is promptly replaced by DeVito, the perfect finish to a well-made ad. State Farm utilized it’s famous catchphrase and qualities of some adored actors to create a classic and charming Super Bowl ad; just the kind viewers want!

Third place: javier in frame (Google pixel)

Super Bowl commercials are nothing without a heartwarming one! Google Pixel made audiences tear up with their spectacular ad this year, demonstrating a new technology of Google AI in their phones. Javier, a nearly blind man, navigates life through the help of his Google Pixel, which helps him take selfies by telling him when faces are in the frame of the camera. The commercial follows Javier as he enjoys living and taking photos with his love interest, ending with a blurred screen when his Pixel chimes, “three faces in frame,” and the third is their newborn baby! I’ll admit, this adorable and touching commercial definitely made me choke up a bit. It’s beautifully done and truly an important contribution to our society. Good work, Google.  

Worst Ad: Shop Like a Billionaire (Temu)

Got that annoying tune stuck in your head after Temu aired the same annoying commercial multiple times? Me too. Temu was most definitely the worst ad of the 2024 Super Bowl, featuring an animated woman dancing around her home and town with bargained deals for merchandise popping up everywhere. This unengaging ad features an irritating song in the background that plays again and again as the ad is repeated throughout the course of the game. There was nothing glaringly wrong about this commercial, it just simply is not nearly Super Bowl worthy. Good riddance, Temu! 

Second Worst Ad: Less Social Media. More Snapchat. (Snapchat)

Hearing a social media company denounce the use of social media didn’t really hit the spot for me. This Snapchat ad begins by explaining all the bad things about social media, including likes, influencers, trolls, etc. While these things are certainly true, Snapchat isn’t really “more human” as it claims to be, considering it contributes to many of the same things as other social media platforms do. It ends with an overwhelming and chaotic collage of Snapchat-related content that was confusing and unrelatable to many. Ultimately, this one was too serious, contradictory, and perplexing to make a good commercial.

While many of these commercials struck out, there’s always next year! And you can bet I’ll be judging them again.

Maile Smith is a first-year Global Studies major from Palo Alto, California. She loves horseback riding, traveling the world, painting, reading on the beach, and her dogs!