The Quarter System, as Told by the Kardashians

Being on the quarter system feels like you're running a marathon—you start off feeling pretty good, but then it all goes downhill from there. Who could do a better job explaining this than the Kardashians? 

Week One:

When you're so happy to be alive.

Week Two:

When you overhear your classmate saying she already started making a study guide for the midterm.

Week Three:

When you know you should be keeping up with the reading, but...

Week Four:

When midterms are creeping up way faster than you expected.

Week Five:

When you tell yourself you're only going to stay at the party for an hour and then go home and study for midterms. Yeah right.

Week Six:

When you start getting midterms back.

Week Seven:

The girl next to you asks you what you got on your midterm, you tell her you got a C, and she says she's so upset she got an A-.

Week Eight:

When you finally decide it's time to go into office hours.

Week Nine:

When your friends on the semester system are at the beach and you're at the library.

Week 10:

You have four papers due and remember that all of your finals next week are cumulative, but you're trying to pretend you're okay.

Finals Week:

You are running on four hours of sleep, stop going to the gym and have completely broken down.