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Profile: X Ambassadors’ Sam Harris

This past week I had the opportunity to ask American rock band X Ambassadors’ (XA) lead vocalist, Sam Harris, about their upcoming sold out concert at The Roxy in West Hollywood. The band’s show is being held to benefit Planned Parenthood, the nonprofit organization that offers reproductive health services around the globe. I also got to learn about their performance at the Women’s March in DC this past February. 

Her Campus: Can you tell us a little bit about your musical style?

Sam Harris: We are a band that takes pride in taking influence from many different styles of music.  Since the bands inception, we’ve been mixing different styles of music and experimenting to create something new.  We take influence from Soul, Hip hop, Rock, Jazz, and Electronic Music.

HC: What was performing after the Women’s march in DC like?

SH: It was a great Honor to Perform at the Women’s march in DC along with so many talented artists.  The Women’s March was such a powerful platform and a much needed response to last year’s insanity and we wanted to ensure that this gathering of like minds sent a bold message to the rest of the country. It was important to stand together in solidarity against the hate, sexism, and racism that is going on in our country.

HC: Why does X Ambassadors support Planned Parenthood?

SH: We support planned parenthood because we support women’s rights and a woman’s right to make decisions regarding their bodies and health.  It is also very important to us that men and women have access to the healthcare information and services that planned parenthood offers.

HC: When was the first time you felt passionate about women’s rights?

SH: We have always been passionate about women’s rights but we have felt a greater urgency to raise awareness and take action with the recent attacks on women’s rights and planned parenthood by our government

HC: The Roxy is one of the famous clubs on the Sunset Strip. Are you excited to perform there? Do you have anything special planned?

SH: We are very excited to play the Roxy for the first time – It’s such a historic venue.  We have some surprises up our sleeve but i’m not giving anything away!  You’ll just have to wait and see!

We can’t wait to see them rock the stage! Check out their latest single here.

Katie is a Junior studying Communications at UCLA. In her spare time, she can be found blogging (katiexkim) and almost always reading the latest edition of Vogue.
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