Profile: Valentine's Time with Andrea Torres

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we spoke with Andrea Torres, an avid fan of Valentine's Day. Andrea, a third year studying Political Science, is a native of Mexico City. Andrea says that ever since she was young, Valentine's Day has held a special place in her heart.

Her Campus: What is that you like about Valentine's Day?

Andrea Torres: I think it really began in grade school, when everyone used to give each other those little ridiculous cards. I loved it! I took it very seriously and would think about who to give the Mickey card and who to give the Snoopy card to.

HC: What do you usually do to celebrate Valentine's Day?

AT: Decorating is big deal for me. Not just with Valentine's Day, but with any other holiday really. I love decorating, but decorating for Valentine's Day is especially fun because you’re surrounded by hearts, glitter, and lots of pink.

HC: Speaking of decorating, are there any tips you have for decorating on Valentine's Day?

AT: I usually like to do a collage of my friends. In Mexico, we call Valentine's Day “día del amor y la amistad” which means the day of love and friendship so you don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine's Day. My friends and I always have dinner for Valentine's Day at one of my favorite restaurants in Polanco. Now that I’m away for college and not close to my friends, I still text them to remind me of Valentine's Day.