Profile: Gina Field


We chatted with Gina Field, producer, writer, actor and most importantly UCLA alumna about her new movie "Do Over," which was recently unveiled at Sundance Film Festival. "Do Over" is a hilariously told story of 'how we can lose our virginity all over again and reawake to an even better life no matter one's age.' It stars Gina Field, Drew Seeley ("High School Musical" and "Another Cinderella Story"), Jonathan Bennett ("Mean Girls"), Amy Paffrath ("2 Broke Girls"), and Zach Livley ("Passions").

Q: What was your major/minor?

A: I was an acting major in the school of Theater Film and Television.

Q: Were you involved in any extracurricular activities? If so, which ones?

A: Between academic classes, rehearsals for shows and theater classes, working on projects, auditioning outside of school and holding down a job there wasn't much time for extracurricular fun! That's prob my biggest regret. I've still never gone to a UCLA football game. That's for sure happening next season!

Q: How has your experience at UCLA affect your life and successful career?

A: To be able to say that I'm a graduate of such a fine institution with such a fantastic reputation in the world of theater, tv, and film, is something I'm very proud of. I'm always running into people in his industry who got their start at UCLA. It's something that bonds us and is always a great conversation starter. Not to mention the amazing mentors I was able to learn from while I was there.  


Q: What inspired you to write "Do Over"? Is this based on any personal experiences?

A: I was inspired to create Do Over after a conversation I had with a hairstylist. He had just taken a vacation back home and ended up in a romantic situation with an old girlfriend. That got me thinking about exes and ones past. What would happen if you could connect with the person you lost your virginity to!! How crazy or scary or hilarious would that be? I realized there weren't any movies out there that discussed that subject. If you had the chance would you? It's something everyone thinks about. That first time and that first person. So I knew this was the film I wanted to make! Set in my native Los Angeles. I definitely have some funny moments from my real life that I had to put in! Like bumping into my high school teacher at the drug store while looking at condoms for that "special" night. I mean who does that actually happen to in Los Angeles?! Yup, to me!

Q: Do you have any funny or special memories while filming "Do Over"?

A: So many funny and special memories that I can look back on while making this flick. Jonathan Bennett and Zack Lively from the show Greek kept us all laughing so hard. To the point where we couldn't breathe. Their chemistry was just amazing together and that really comes across in the film. I wore several hats on this project and as a producer it was really important that my cast and crew were well taken care of and happy. We had to deal with some terrible heat for a few days. So one day I wanted to surprise everyone and I found a guy who came to our set and set up a snow cone machine for everyone. Just to boost moral and cool everyone off. That was a great day.

Gina with co-star Drew Seeley, who plays Sean. 

Q: What was it like working with Drew Seeley (High School Music, Another Cinderella Story) and Jonathan Bennet (Mean Girls, Dancing with the Stars)? 

A: Working with Drew was such a great experience. I knew when I cast that role that the actor I would be working with had to be someone I would have chemistry with, could have fun with, and was easy going like me since we would be spending days together alone working. So to have Drew on board and excited about his project was a dream. His wife, Amy Paffrath, who is also one of my closest friends is also in the film. So I knew ahead of time that he is a sweetheart aside from being so extremely talented. Jonathan Bennett is so iconic to so many people. Hard to think of the movie Mean Girls without thinking of Jonathan (Aaron Samuels) getting told he looks sexy with his hair pushed back! So to come to work every day with his great infectious energy was a dream. He really kept the set fun bordering on adventurous!

Q: What can you tell us about your new show "Unscrewed"?

A: Unscrewed is a show currently being shopped to networks. It's a dark comedy in the style of Orange Is The New Black, featuring a diverse cast, that explores the life of a 25 year old alcoholic as she makes her journey to recovery. It's an ensemble show that centers around her colorful family and all the craziness and hilarity that arises for someone and their family on that journey. I play one of her cousins. 

Q: What advice do you have for students who are interested in acting, writing or producing? 

A: My best advice for any student interested in acting, writing, or producing would be learn as much as you can from everyone. Spend less time talking and more time listening. Build a great network! Help everyone. Work on your peer's projects because when the time comes you will need them! Learn to be amazing at staying in touch. It's a skill and I'm very good at it! Most of the people in my movie are amazing and creative people I've been fortunate to meet on this journey. Be gracious. Be humble. Do something every day to nurture your craft and when you think you have an amazing idea run it by people who are actually working in the industry. Talk to several people. If they don't think it's amazing it probably isn't. But when you get the feedback you've been hoping for, and people get excited run with it! That's the one you've been waiting for! The one that could be the game changer. Create! Don't wait for others to hand you your opportunities. So much better to be the boss. Have fun! Reach out and ask for help. 9 times out of 10 the answer will be YES!

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