Profile: Brooke Muschott from Pepperdine University

Ever wonder what other students at other universities are doing? Sure we know UCLA life is great but what about life at another university? This week we caught up with Pepperdine student, Brooke Muschott, who shared with us that students get free Chick fil A at sporting events at her university! Brooke is from Her Campus at Pepperdine, so we collaborated to highlight a Southern Californian student who doesn't attend UCLA.

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Major: Creative Writing

Where would you like to travel: Back to Shanghai, where I lived both semesters last year.

Fun Fact: I’ve been to every Disney Park in the world.


Her Campus: Usually when Bruins want to hang out with friends, we head over to the Santa Monica Promenade or just walk over to Westwood Village. What would you say is one of Pepperdine’s students’ “go-to” places to hang out?

Brooke Muschott: We also go to Santa Monica Promenade sometimes, because that’s probably the coolest place within quick driving distance (30 minutes). We have the country mart right down the road, which is a nice place to hang out and do homework or grab a bite to eat, and the beach is always there. My friends and I are Disneyland Annual Passholders though, so we actually go to Disneyland a couple times a month, and that’s probably the place we hang out the most.


HC: The quarter system is fast-paced and it can be really hard to keep up at times. However, one of the upsides that at least I see to the quarter system is that if you don’t particularly like a class it will all be over in a matter of weeks. What do you think are some of the advantages and disadvantages of semesters?

BM: I like semesters because we have enough time to adjust to a class before it’s over, so it gives room to learn rather than having to get everything right at the same time. But it also means fewer fresh starts, which can be tough when you really hate a class, or if you just really like new things.


HC: Although UCLA's more popular sporting events are football and basketball, I personally love attending UCLA’s women’s volleyball games. Which sporting event at your school do you like to attend?

BM: I’m not really a sporty girl myself, and we don’t have a huge sports culture at Pepperdine (we don’t even have a football team) so honestly I just really like attending any sporting event that’s giving out free Chick fil A, or any sports where I have friends on the team.


Special thanks to the Her Campus Staff of Pepperdine University who made this interview not only possible but were supper helpful and friendly. 

Images courtesy of Brooke Muschott.