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Play in the Rain Without Getting Drenched

Tired of what feel’s like a dragged out summer? L.A. is finally getting a long streak of rain beginning on November 1st through March 6, but don’t bother breaking out your umbrellas and rainboots because it’s not exactly the kind you can splash in. LACMA is featuring an exhibit called the “Rain Room” which is created so that wherever you walk you can stay dry. Get your tickets now before they run out and enjoy the serene sound of rain sans the mascara runs. 


Image courtesty of LACMA and the Film Spectrum. 

Janina is a junior majoring in Linguistics and Psychology at UCLA. When she's not writing for Her Campus, you may find her doing outdoor yoga, laughing at "I Love Lucy" reruns, cooking vegan food, or face timing with her puppy back home.
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