The Perfect and Complete Coachella Car Camping List

That’s right my fellow wild and young adults, Coachella is here! We've got Ariana, Childish Gambino, Tame Impala and so many more! So if you haven't gotten your tickets yet, now is the time to find some! If you're like me, you are past the ticket hunt and onto the next task: where to stay during the festival. Now not so long ago, I had the idea of renting a little home for my fellow Coachella partygoers and me. However, I failed to find one that perfectly suited my needs (AKA my budget). So I did the next best thing, and I decided to go camping! Camping at Coachella is an iconic tradition and expedition that many have undergone. If you do decide to go on this journey, be sure that you are ready. The Coachella sun, the lack of proper showers and cold nights are no joke! Here is what you need to make your Coachella experience all the more iconic:

1) Water

Water is a source which we require to live. While camping for Coachella, this is all the more stressed. Being in the sun takes a toll on campers’ quench for water as well as their energy. To keep morale high, the headaches away and to keep the idea of fainting an idea, be sure to have plenty of water. This means bringing a cooler, plenty of ice and, for the best experience, a type of bag which can act as your source of water while you walk around your campsite and the festival. The easier water is to access, the less likely you are to disregard it. Water is also important when it comes to our next subject: hygiene.

2) Hygiene

There are showers at Coachella—that is true. However, to say they are great is to say too much. Alongside the poor conditions, using the showers requires waiting in a ridiculously long line. So if this doesn’t sound appealing or worth it to you, you can always use a few quick tricks to keep the stink, stick and sour mood away. One way is to purchase a portable shower for camping. These can be found at reasonable prices at many outdoor living stores or even on Amazon. They are essentially shower heads attached to bags or tanks of water which allow for a portable and flowing shower. If you are looking to splurge, you can even buy a pop-up tent to shower inside. Or you can do what I do and wear your swimsuit and shower in nature with modesty! Another quick trick is to use wet wipes which, within a few solid wipes and pats, can leave you feeling clean and refreshed. A water bucket is also handy to have so to pour your extra water into and dip into to clean your face and other extremities!

3) Sleeping and Comfort

Each day at Coachella is long, full of fun adventures and can be exhausting. It is important to get sleep and be off your feet whenever you have the chance. If it isn’t already obvious, be sure to bring a tent and a sleeping bag. For your tent, be sure to get one that fits everyone comfortably and to not bring metal stakes to pitch it up! Coachella prohibits metal tent stakes on the campgrounds and security will not hesitate to take them away if found during the car search before entry.

Also, be sure to have some sort of protection over your tent. This could be in the form of a tarp or an E-Z up. This is to protect your sleeping area from the sun, possible rain (check the forecast!) and other natural elements. In regards to a sleeping bag, bring a warm one and bring many blankets. The desert gets very cold at night. Be sure to also bring chairs, a table and extra tarps. You won’t want to be in the hot tent during the day, so you will need somewhere to hang out and enjoy the camping festivities that many experienced Coachella campers may put on. You also want to be sure to bring lights! The desert also gets very dark very quickly, and it would be a bummer if you had to turn in early because you simply couldn’t see. However, be sure to not bring any glass bulbs or any other form of glass, as it is prohibited on the campgrounds.

4) Food

Food, naturally, is very important. You cannot bring any outside food into the festival, but that doesn’t stop you from chowing down while camping at Coachella. It’s very important to bring good sources of energy, such as peanut butter or bananas to avoid buying excessive amounts of unnecessary and unfilling foods. Again, try to bring a cooler. Not just for your water, but for food as well. This includes meats, cheeses, fruits or vegetables. Be sure to plan your meals ahead of time so that you don't have too little or buy too much. Lastly, take into account that you cannot have open fires like many other campsites you may have gone to before, and be sure to leave knives (even for cooking) at home! 

If you have any more questions about the rules and regulations of the Coachella campgrounds, be sure to refer to the “Camping Rules” on their website. Make sure to read them before you go because security will check your car and person before you enter the campsite and confiscate anything that does not follow the rules. But don’t let all this seemingly stressful planning and rules dim your Coachella spirit! Many people come back from camping and say what a great and fun environment it was and that it really added to their Coachella experience. Enjoy the weekend and stay hydrated!