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PaleyFest: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About the Cast of ‘Young Sheldon’

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Young Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory prequel/spin-off, is the number 1 new show this year and one of my favorite shows. This year Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory had a joint panel at PaleyFest with their respective casts and creators who answered all of our questions and even some we didn’t think to ask.

1.) The cast actually likes each other

Lance Barber, who plays Sheldon’s father George Sr, shared how he always heard stories of “rotten children in Hollywood,” but that is not the case for this show. Iain Armitage, Young Sheldon himself, even pitched in saying, “I can actually put up with you guys.”

2.) The Blue’s Clues Host sings their theme song

Steve Burns, host of Nickelodeon’s Blue’s Clues from 1996 to 2002, is now an indie rock musician who sings Mighty Little Man- the theme song for Young Sheldon.

3.) Iain loves Geology

While his character hates rocks and geology, Iain is known to be cracking rock jokes on set all day.

4.) They have a “Meemaw” on and off set

Raegan Revord (Missy) shared that all the kids actually call Annie Potts “meemaw” and are really close to her. Iain even said that he has a “grandma, nana and now a meemaw too.”

5.) Iain has not watched The Big Bang Theory

When creator Chuck Lorre mentioned that fans would soon learn about the origin of Sheldon’s famous “relationship agreements,” Iain was confused as he had never watched the show. Jim Parsons used this as a opportunity to poke fun at the fact that the kids don’t realize how famous he is.

6.) Iain ties his own ties

For a special role like this, the 9-year-old went to the mall and a sales associate taught him how to tie his tie on his own.

7.) Zoe Perry almost lost the role because she was too young

When Zoe Perry auditioned to play Sheldon’s mother Mary, Lorre said “she can’t play a mother, she’s a child.” Lorre later clarified his statement by saying he has known the 33-year-old actress since she was 8 years old. 

8.) Sheldon’s Mom in The Big Bang Theory is the mother of the actress who plays Sheldon’s Mom on Young Sheldon

This won’t be Zoe Perry’s first time playing a younger version of her mother Laurie Metcalf; she also guest starred in a flashback episode of Roseanne as younger version of her mother. 

Young Sheldon airs on Thursday nights on CBS.

Sara Zaghi was the Campus Correspondent and Editor in Chief of Her Campus at UCLA, which rose to the #1 chapter in the Her Campus Chapter Network of 370+ Campuses during her tenure, from 2015-2019. Zaghi is a self-proclaimed "Professional Fangirl” and currently works in entertainment and fashion publicity. In 2016, Sara was listed as one of Her Campus' Top 22 Under 22 Most Inspiring College Women. Check out Sara's College Girl's Travel Guides for Catalina Island, Las Vegas, New York, Napa Valley, Boston, and Chicago. Contact Sara via email: Sara_Zaghi@yahoo.com