An Open Letter To My Mom: The Strongest Woman I Know

Dear Mom,

I don't even know where to begin. I think there's nothing I can truly say to encapsulate how grateful I am for you... there will never be enough words or actions that I can do. I am just so blessed to have you as my mother.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being my rock. You've always believed in me, stood by me, and loved me through the mistakes that I have made. I can only hope to be half the mother that you are when I'm older, because you're literally the best thing that has happened to me.

You've taught me to be unapologetically me. I am unafraid of the opinions I have. You've always told me, "Why bother what other people think of you?"

You've taught me resillence - to commit, never give up, and be my best self. You make sure I never reach for anything less than I deserve, and to reach beyond the stars.

You've taught me such valuable life skills that I want my children to have in the future too. I love that I can say that I was brought up well, and it's all because of you and Dad! I love that I can look to you both and confidently say that I've been blessed with 2 role models that I so do not deserve! 

You've taught me how to love - and how to do so selflessly. Seeing how you made sure I knew the importance of being empathetic to others just reflects the character that you are. So much of who I am today has to be credited to you. You're all that I hope to be when I'm older.

It's so true that I'll "understand better when I'm older." Now I see how hard it is truly to be you - yet you always manage to do so with so much love and grace. You never complain and you put the entire family first, even before yourself.   

I hate that I haven't been able to be home because of college. I wish I could be there all the time so I get to see you everyday! This year would mark the 3rd year I don't get to spend Mother's Day with you!  I miss you so much. I love you, and I'll see you back home in 3 weeks!