North Korea’s Murder Mystery

Kim Jong-nam, the brother of the notorious North Korean leader was murdered on February 13th, 2017. But as the story about the Kim Jong-un’s murder keeps unravelling, it keeps on getting weirder and weirder. Each day it gets weirder, in fact, as you’re reading this there are probably new developments to the story that will make the story even stranger.

Kim Jong-nam was the was the heir apparent to the leadership of North Korea, however he was pulled out of the running for his strong inclination towards Western culture. In 2001, he was caught using a fake passport and identity pretending to be a Dominican national all so he could go to Tokyo Disney. He also didn’t believe that power through hereditary was not the way to go and would ultimately lead to a downfall. His father, Kim Jong-Il, saw his son’s “downfalls” and quickly pulled him out of the running for next ruler. Since Kim Jong-nam was out of the running to be the next leader, his youngest brother, Kim Jong-un, assumed the position. But according to South Korean press, Kim  Jong-un has always been scared that his older brother would come back to take back his rightful throne. He was so scared, that the North Korean leader put out a hit on his brother.

A South Korean newspaper reported on February 14th that the North Korean was murdered by woman with poisonous needles in a Malaysian airport. Nobody really believed this story but as it turns out, it actually was true!

But here’s were it gets weird, one of the women who was arrested in connection to the murder claims that she didn’t know that she was murdering someone, much less that the person was Kim Jong-nam. The woman arrested said that she was made out to believe that she was part of a game show where she would spray men in their faces for a laugh. Apparently what killed was Kim Jong-nam was VX nerve agent which is a chemical of mass destruction that can kill someone within minutes or seconds of exposure.

North Korea’s statement on the incident all indicate that North Korea will be accepting no blame for the incident. In fact, North Korea is blaming Malaysia because that’s where Kim Jon-nam was murdered after all.

*images courtsey of giphy