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Calling all TV lovers! Whether you’re a die-hard fan of TV sitcoms or can’t resist the drama of reality TV, I’ve got the ultimate binge-watch list to help you power through this final quarter of college. But fair warning: if you’re anything like me and can’t get enough of romantic plotlines, consider yourself warned — these shows are packed with heart-fluttering story arcs that’ll have you hooked from episode one!

The Mindy project

Centered around the charmingly hopeless romantic, Mindy Lahiri, portrayed by Mindy Kaling herself, this show is a delightful blend of romance and humor that mirrors the crazy ride of love and life. While it’s important to note that some of the humor may feel dated or controversial by today’s standards, the overall narrative is a wonderful combination of heartwarming moments and uproarious laughter.

“The Mindy Project” offers a refreshing escape into Mindy Lahiri’s world of quirky mishaps and endearing relationships, making this series a must-watch for those who crave a mix of sassy humor and relatable romance.


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Sex and the city

“Sex and the City,” is a popular TV series that follows the life of Carrie Bradshaw, a columnist in New York City, as she navigates through the ups and downs of love, friendships, and, as the title suggests, plenty of sex. This show isn’t exactly family-friendly, so it’s definitely not one to watch with your mom. But if you’re a fan of complex love stories and the dynamics of female friendship, it’s a must-watch.

However, I highly recommend steering clear of the spin-offs and movies. In my opinion, they ruin the original series. So, as the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind! But if you need any more convincing, the video below is totally the vibes. For hot girls only!

Firefly lane

This heartwarming series revolves around the beautiful friendship between Tully and Kate, two best friends who come from vastly different backgrounds. Despite their differences continually driving them apart, their bond remains unbreakable, serving as the glue that keeps them together. Through a series of flashback events, we witness their journey from adolescence to adulthood, highlighting the remarkable strength of their connection.

This is a show that I watched with my mom, and it quickly became a favorite for both of us. We talk about it fondly even now, though I must warn you, be prepared for plenty of tears and laughter along the way. I ALSO MUST WARN: do not look up anything out of curiosity, because spoilers suck!

the good place

Starring Kristen Bell, this show took me on an existential rollercoaster and spiritual journey like no other, but in a funny entertaining way. Packed with constant twists and turns, it’s guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Filled with sarcastic humor, it’s an absolute blast to watch, and if you’re a binge-watcher like me, you’ll find yourself racing to finish it as quickly as possible. Personally, I loved working out and watching this show because it kept me constantly entertained.

The Big Bang Theory

This sitcom is my ultimate comfort watch, perfect for accompanying me during everyday tasks that don’t demand my full attention. If you’re a fan of classics like “Friends” and “Seinfeld,” imagine those with a nerdy twist, and you’ll get the vibe of this show. It’s ideal for those seeking a more relaxed viewing experience, without the suspense and twists. Just pure, lighthearted fun that’s sure to bring good vibes.

Brooklyn nine-nine

In this series, we follow the antics of Andy Samberg’s character, Jake Peralta, as he navigates his way as a detective in the streets of New York City. Alongside his coworkers, each with their own unique comedic quirks, Jake handles a variety crazy of cases and hilarious situations. Drawing inspiration from the comedic style of “The Office,” this show takes it up a notch with added action and even more funny moments.

If you’re a fan of SNL humor and the wit of Adam Sandler, this series is a must-watch for you. It’s my latest obsession, and I couldn’t recommend it more!


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Abbott elementary

If you haven’t jumped on the “Abbott Elementary” bandwagon yet, what are you waiting for? For my boyfriend and I, it’s currently our absolute favorite show. Taking cues from the mockumentary style of “Modern Family,” it offers a hilarious glimpse into the lives of a group of elementary school teachers.

From managing unpredictable students to navigating the absurdities of modern trends, the show is packed with relatable plotlines and crazy quirks. Seeing the world through the eyes of teachers brings a brilliantly smart and entertaining twist to the comedy. Trust me, it’s a guaranteed good time!

Harley Quinn

For those of you drawn to darker humor and grisly comedy, look no further than the brilliant “Harley Quinn” series, available exclusively on HBO Max. This show follows Harley Quinn’s journey after she breaks free from her abusive relationship with the Joker. What unfolds is a beautiful and comedic exploration of her healing process as she discovers her own identity beyond the male gaze.

As we grow with Harley, we witness her everchanging yet captivating healing journey, filled with unpredictable twists and turns. Trust me, the storyline is anything but conventional, keeping you on the edge of your seat and craving more with each episode.

Best of luck with spring quarter – hopefully these shows help you through it!

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