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Close up of platters of pizza and pasta.
Close up of platters of pizza and pasta.
Photo by Alyana Nurani
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My Favorite ASMR Mukbang Content Creators

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

For many years, my love for ASMR was something not even my closest friends could pry out of me — specifically, my love for ASMR mukbang videos.

The word mukbang, or meokbang in Korean, is known as an eating show where the host broadcasts themselves eating various foods while interacting with their audience. This type of online content originates from South Korea in the 2010s, where live-streamers gained popularity consuming a variety of foods for their viewers. The trend has gained popularity since then and has merged with ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), the multi-sensory experience of a “tingling” sensation viewers get with certain triggers.

ASMR mukbang videos today usually consist of a content creator eating various foods for a video or livestream, but rather than interacting with the audience, they focus on giving the viewer the full experience of the eating sounds. Although it’s definitely not content for everyone, I love it and wanted to share some of my favorite ASMR mukbang content creators with you!


SAS ASMR posted her first sushi ASMR YouTube video in 2016, and she has now gained millions of followers and viewers online posting videos of the delicious foods she tries. She has a passion for trying new things, sharing her Thai culture, and traveling.


I love watching Jane ASMR’s videos because she’s always on theme. With cute macarons, foods matching a specific holiday, or a color theme, she’s always staying on brand in the most aesthetically pleasing way.


Zoey ASMR eats some of the coolest foods, and although I don’t think I’d necessarily want to have a full meal of them all (like ghost pepper noodles, sea grapes, heaps on heaps of enoki mushrooms), she definitely makes me want to try them!

Zach Choi

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly ASMR mukbang, but I just had to include it! Watching Zach Choi make some of the most delicious meals ever ~ASMR~ style warrants him a spot as one of my favorite ASMR mukbang creators.


Last but not least is ASMR Phan, who has some of the crispiest audio I’ll ever hear in my life — and not just when she’s eating tanghulu fruit, fried chicken, or crunchy chips!

Even though ASMR mukbangs might not be for everyone (trust, they took time to grow on me too), I hope that I introduced you to some cool new content creators or some interesting foods you might want to try!

Annie is a first-year student at UCLA from Connecticut majoring in Political Science and Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences. In her free time she loves dancing, working out, and baking.