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Move Over Chicago, 5 Best Pizza Spots in Los Angeles

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Okay, so we all know that Chicago is known for its deep dish, but L.A. has the best of just about everything. There is no way we can fall behind on this one! We have anything your gluten-free heart desires. L.A. is heaven on earth for anyone with dietary needs. Vegan, covered! Kosher, covered! The possibilities for pizza are endless when you’re in L.A. Just to show the Chicago kids how we do it over here, I’ve put together some of my personal fave pizza places.

1. Nagila Pizza

I first visited Nagila when I was in high school and instantly fell in love with this family-owned pizza place! The vibe is chill and fun and the food is delicious. They even offer Kosher-friendly options. Nagila is conveniently divided by meat and non-mean. My favorite (ironically) is the Chicago style deep dish pizza! The best part of Nagila is that the pizza isn’t their only claim to fame. When you visit you need to try their Shawarma plate. It was actually the first thing I tried when I visited seven years ago. If I’m being honest, just writing about this is getting me hungry!   

2. California Pizza Kitchen

Hello, Chicago, do you have a pizza chain named after your state? Didn’t think so. We’re lucky enough to have our very own CPK in Westwood. Their menu is filled with fresh veggies and delicious salads for every taste. CPK has its headquarters in Playa Vista, CA, and you can definitely get those SoCal vibes from their menu. They have pineapple-infused flavors that’ll make you feel like you just came in from riding the best waves in Malibu. 

3. Pieology

Oh LA, home of everything customizable. Design your own pizza with whatever your heart desires at Pieology. Another resident of Westwood Village, Pieology offers whole wheat and gluten-free crusts. I personally always get the whole wheat and it’s sooo good. But I think overall, my favorite part is choosing the sauce. Pieology has House Red, 3-Cheese Alfredo, Herb Butter, Olive Oil, Fiery Buffalo, Pesto, and BBQ. The sauce is usually where I like to get the most creative although my favorite is Alfredo!

4. Pit Fire Pizza

Anybody that knows me can tell you that I have an obsession with brussel sprouts, but being vegetarian (the brussel sprouts comes with bacon) my true love is the Big Sur. Also, Pit Fire is unique because it offers seasonal pizza, which is always a bonus!

5. Evo Kitchen


Calling all my Vegan ladies! This one is for you. Evo Kitchen’s delicious vegan pizza will leave you wondering, “why are people still consuming animal by-products when Evo is heaven on Earth?” I first learned about Evo over the summer when my sister began adopting a vegan diet, and let me tell you the vegans are onto something with this pizza. Evo Kitchen has locally sourced organic dishes that range beyond their pizza. If you’re not in the mood for pizza, then definitely give their veggie wrap a try!

*Photos courtesy of Giphy, CPK, Pit Fire, Nagila

Mariana is a fourth year student UCLA majoring in International Development Studies and minoring in Urban and Regional Studies. She loves anything and everything with glitter on it. On her free time she enjoys eating acai bowls with her pet bunny, Lenord
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