Mother's Day Cheat Sheet: 6 Gifts Your Mom Will Love

With everything going on in the world, it's easy to forget that Mother's Day is coming up. Whether you're celebrating with your mom at home or over zoom, here are some gift ideas to make her feel special and loved. 

  1. 1. At Home Spa Day with Lapcos' Pamper Gift Set

    Since you can't take your mom to the spa, bring the spa to her! Treat her with an at-home face mask, hand mask, hair mask, and more which all come in the Pamper Variety Gift Set from Lapcos ($40). 

  2. 2. Palette By Pak Makeup Storage

    This travel sized, eco-friendly accesory is a perfect gift for your mom, and maybe for yourself too! The re-usable container has compartments to store all your liquids, creams, powders or gels, making it the perfect solution to your mom's cluttered old makeup bag.

  3. 3. Mama Necklace & Bracelet from The Sis Kiss

    These matching "mama" crystal and pearl detailed bracelets and necklaces with are perfect for layering and come in different colors and styles so you can pick the one perfect for your mama.

  4. 4. Cozy Cashmere

    Your mom will love these clean, ethical and simple, 100% pure cashmere styles from STATE Cashmere. These cozy and cute pieces are perfect for lounging around the house. 

  5. 5. All Day Alba's Kerri Wrap

    You can't go wrong with this stylish, multi-purpose wrap from activewear brand All Day Alba. It's breathable fabric and flowy nature makes it easy to pick the appropriate size without offending your mom for picking out something too big or too small. 

  6. 6. Customized Jewelry from SouFeel

    SouFeel has so many amazing affordable and thoughtful gift options for mom, plus you can customize it all. These custom name neckalces, photo necklaces, and charms are the perfect gifts to show your mom that you care.