Morgan Freeman, Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Carson & More Inspired the Future at WE Day

WE day is known to host amazing speakers and performers that act as inspirational role models to children. Some of these great speakers were able to bring thousands of kids together in order to create a place of unity and diversity, and an open environment that enables them the freedom to talk about whatever they want.

With his famous voice, Morgan Freeman read a letter by Alex Schachter, a student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas and a victim in the shooting that took place only two months ago. After reading with youth poet Amanda Gorman, Morgan shared some advice for the room of students, “Life is like a rollercoaster but all of you have the ability to choose its course.” In this famous statement, Morgan Freeman voiced out the significance of each individual and how every human being matters.

Later in the show, the beautiful Jennifer Aniston shared her advice for the students and spoke about her pride in this generation, who are using their voices to change the world. She shared quotes from Martin Luther King Jr, “The time is always right to do what is right,” reminding students that as long as they are speaking, adults will have to listen because this generation is the future. “I am going to Listen” and “Just Keep talking” were the biggest statements Jen had for the youth at WE day.

An incredible moment was when professional dancer/choreographer Paula Abdul shared her story of how she became successful. She talked about the challenges she had to overcome such as, having to work for dance lessons and not having the average dancer's body, but making herself the best despite these obstacles. She became one of the most recognizable dancers despite her personal challenges, and she hopes this generation will strive to do the same. At the end of her speech, Paula reminded the crowd not to take anything too seriously, but to work for what you want.  “Life's too short and so am I” were her famous final words to the audience.

Towards the end of the show, there was an amazing panel led by YouTube sensation Lilly Singh, and included Disney darling Sofia Carson and supermodel Winnie Harlow. They spoke about the importance of girl love. “It’s about time we get rid of girl on girl hate” said Lilly before the panel discussion began. She then went on to ask the other ladies, “What's something you wish you knew when you were younger that you could tell all the young girls and boys here today?” The answers were simple and easy to take in. Winnie shared the importance in remembering,  “There’s so much more to life” and “why want to be like everyone else when you can be you.” Insecurities of self image are hard to overcome in both industries that these ladies are in and they have definitely found their confidence despite the spotlight. Sofia said, “Love your imperfections, the parts that make you, you because I think the most beautiful and the bravest thing we could ever be is ourselves.” Love yourself and motivate the girls around you instead of spreading hate. Such an inspirational panel!