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Marrin Costello: Setting the Hottest Trends in Jewelry

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

UCLA senior Marrin Costello has successfully turned her lifelong hobby into a thriving business.  Inspired by the experimental fashion of Los Angeles and the ideas she finds in her Art History courses, Marrin has been working on her jewelry line with fierce creativity and passion. With her line being featured on blogs, American Idol contestants, and in Alameda Magazine, there’s no doubt Marrin’s designs will continue to be in high demand from her community and clients, especially her Gamma Phi Beta sorority sisters. HC jumped on the opportunity to interview this future design mogul and gain the inside scoop on her upcoming ventures.
HerCampus: How did you first get started with jewelry making?
Marrin Costello: I was seven years old, and I received a bead kit from FAO Schwartz, a popular toy store that used to be in San Francisco.  After running out of supplies, I soon discovered craft stores, bead stores, and eventually online websites where I could purchase materials.  As my work is often inspired by vintage and antique pieces, I later became acquainted with antique and vintage stores, swap meets, and other places to find spectacular jewelry for inspiration as well as pieces to rework with a modern flare.
HC: What current projects are you working on?
MC: The most exciting project I am currently working on is my website, which will debut this upcoming fall 2011.  However I am always in the process of designing and creating jewelry and accessories.  I am constantly pushing my creative boundaries, absorbing inspiration from all aspects of my life, and branching out to new business ventures.
HC: Your pieces have a vintage and unique flare. Which do you find to be the most popular among UCLA women? Why do you think so?
MCThe beauty of being in an academic setting is that there are people from all over the world that coexist together.  Due to the diversity of this campus, the pieces that UCLA women and men purchase from me are quite varied in style.  I have noticed, however, that my clients from Los Angeles are quick to purchase my most conceptual and fashion-forward accessories.  Because I often use my sorority sisters as models for my jewelry, I designed a line specifically for them, which has been sold all over the US to other sorority sisters and jewelry lovers alike.
HC: Each of your pieces is hand-made. Which are the most rewarding to complete?
MC: While every piece has its own story and a connection to its respective owner, I find that they are all important.  I only create and sell pieces that I am proud of, so all of the jewelry that I have created thus far is important, as they have helped me continue my journey as a designer.  However, there was one necklace that I created in fourth grade, inspired by Cleopatra, that I used for a school project.  As I fell into specializing in Egyptology research in college, I find it quite intriguing that my combined love for jewelry and Ancient Egypt began when I was in elementary school.
HC: Which pieces would you recommend for people with specific styles. Say, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, or even Lady Gaga?
MC: Some of the services that I offer are accessory consultations and custom designed pieces. I get such a rush creating pieces that combine my aesthetic and the needs of my customers.  While I think that all of these celebrities could find pieces in my collection that they would love to wear, it would be my pleasure to design separate pieces (or even collections) for fashion icons, such as the stars mentioned above.
HC:  How can students view your collection or place an order?
MC: While my website is still in its design phase, customers and clients are welcome to email me at marrin@marrincostello.com for inquiries about my company and services.  My Facebook Fan Page (titled Marrin Costello Designs) not only has photographs of some of my work, but it also has record of my company and the press I have received thus far.  I also have an account on Etsy.com, which will be ready to launch this 2011 Spring-Summer season.

Madeline Hunt is a senior at UCLA majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Spanish. Originally from the laidback beach-town of Santa Barbara, the California native finds the fast-paced nature and eccentricity of LA extremely exciting. Once more, she decided to expand her horizons when she studied abroad this past fall in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Madeline wants to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and is considering broadcast journalism and public relations as potential options. On campus, she is currently the Public Relations & Marketing Director for the student- run organization Fashion and Student Trends and an intern at E! News. She served as an entertainment reporter on UCLA’s accredited student newspaper, The Daily Bruin, under the video division and is a current member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. During her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, exercising, going to the beach, shopping (online shopping will be the death of her!), reading Glamour and Cosmo, eating Mexican food and sushi, spending time with her friends, practicing her Spanish, and satisfying her weakness for caffeine with Starbuck’s lattes.