Make Valentine's Day a YOU Day: 8 Gifts To Buy For Yourself

Every year, it seems that Valentine’s Day celebrations start just a little bit earlier, and Valentine’s Day seems just a little bit more commercial. So why not take this Valentine’s Day for yourself? Spend the day pampering yourself and rewarding yourself for all the work you’ve done in the last year. I mean, what relationship is more important than the one you have with yourself? Here are the perfect gifts to give yourself this V-Day:

1. Chocolate

chocolates with box on white surfaceStarting off a little cheesy, but you deserve to treat yourself to only the best chocolate. You don’t have to wait around for someone else to buy you chocolate goodies.

2. Bath Bombs

Because you deserve a day of relaxation on the day that surrounds love, you should buy yourself some bathbombs from Queen V and actually use them. Let the colorful rings around your bathtub be a reminder of the importance of self-care.

3.  A Soft Blanket

brown leather sofa

To truly get into the spirit of self-love this V-day, celebrate by wrapping yourself in a blanket softer than any date would be. :)

4.  A Silk Robe

Treat yourself to looking good and feeling great by spending all day in a silky robe pampering yourself.  

5.  Face Masks

Sure, you probably already have a ton of face masks lying around in your drawers, but do you use them?  Well, this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself by breaking open those packages and relaxing with Netflix in the background. Or better yet, buy yourself a New Year Gold Mask from TONYMOLY to truly bask in the luxury of loving yourself.  

TONYMOLY is ready to help makeover your skincare routine with their The Year of the Pig skincare line. With these New Year sticker masks and their pretty pig themed packaging, turn this Valentine’s Day on its side and celebrate with this pig-themed skincare.

6.  A Set of Candles

low-angle photo of lightened candlesBetter set the mood for a relaxing night in with yourself. Treat yourself to some mood lighting with these macaron candles that look prettier than macarons themselves, smell like roses, and come without the added calories.

7.  Rose Gold Eye Masks

Not only do the colors really emphasize this season of love, but this Valentine’s Day, indulge yourself in these eye masks to relax while taking a bath by candlelight to rehydrate your eyes before the grind starts again.  

8.  Perfume

flat-lay photography of fragrance bottles

Finally, treat yourself to a brand new scent for the brand new you and celebrate you everyday when you wear it. Try these Valentine’s Day inspired scents by Demeter Fragrance library to pamper yourself and show off your sensual side.