Late Night Vibes: The Perfect Playlist For Your Fall Drives

It is midnight, and you’re in lying in bed awake. You can’t sleep, so you want to release some of the energy keeping you awake. What do you do? You go on that late night drive, of course! Fall is just the right time to go on those late night drives because the weather is cool and the night is endless. 

Fully enjoying the drive involves playing good music that not only keeps you awake, but also contributes to your mood as you pass by different types of scenery. One song that I would recommend is "Saturday Night" by Khalid. This song just puts you in a relaxing mood, and you can put it on blast while you cruise down the streets! If you want the ride to just peaceful, then this is the right song for that. However, if you want a faster and more energetic song, you can play Soulja Boy’s throwback song "Kiss Me Thru The Phone."  Songs are an integral part of the late night drive because adding music will make the drive feel more lively. The easiest way to find songs for your drive is by searching on Spotify. I recommend the playlist "late night drives" from the user "selfcarebys." You can surely drive without music, but having songs playing evokes a feeling within you that makes you want to sing or nod your head to the beat. Going on a late night drive means cruising through the streets. Many streets will already be empty around midnight, so it is even better because you don’t have to worry about stopping unexpectedly from traffic. One route I would recommend is Pacific Coast Highway! Because Pacific Coast Highway connects beaches, such as Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, it is perfect for feeling the beach vibe. The weather might be colder than usual, but you’ll have the opportunity to view different shops, lights and the dark shadow of the ocean. Another street I would recommend is Sunset Boulevard, which is right here in Los Angeles. Once the traffic subsides, taking a ride from Chinatown down Sunset Strip will put you in Beverly Hills. Lastly, I recommend driving to and in Irvine. Going on the Interstate 405, you can easily drive to Irvine without much traffic at this time of night. After getting to Irvine itself, cruising within Irvine’s streets will give you a sense of calmness and security because the city is so quiet yet feels protective at the same time. Overall, you can take a late night drive down any street, but it is best to do so when there is little to none traffic so that you can drive peacefully without the traffic or noise from other cars.

When going on a late night drive, you can drive with other people or alone. Personally, I like driving with other people because their presence just gives me more comfort and puts me in a happier mood. If you go with friends or family that make you smile when you talk to them or just have a warm presence in your life, then the feeling you get from the late night drive will be maximized. By surrounding yourself with people that you love and can talk to freely, a late night drive will feel even better. You can have small conversations in the car or just enjoy each other’s presence while gliding down the streets. However, you can also take a cruise down the streets by yourself too. Maybe you just want to be alone, and perhaps you might feel more at ease when you’re driving alone. During the drive, it’ll be just you, the streets and the scenery, and sometimes this is all you need to be relaxed and content.

Late night drives can be taken at any time during the year, but fall is one of the best times because the weather is cool enough to put you in hoodies and sweatpants for the night. Late night drives are so soothing because you can drive where you want while letting time pass by. If you can’t sleep, are bored, want to go out with friends or want to explore, then the best solution for you might be to take that late night drive!