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Last Quarter Blues (and Yellow)

Midterms are winding down and talk of finals has begun. Yes, it’s that time of the quarter again, only this time instead of making plans for next quarter that’s right around the corner we’re making plans for the seemingly endless summer that lies ahead. As this quarter decelerates to an end, I will be looking back more and more on the amazing year that I have had in California. The year seems to have gone by at light speed and I am so sad when I consider the prospect of leaving UCLA and the Bruin family I have been building since Fall. Nonetheless, I am sure I will be all smiles as I reflect on the memories and experiences from my time at UCLA.

Favorite memory– There are too many to chose from! Hiking up to the Hollywood sign over Spring Break (see picture above!), being in Los Angeles during award season earlier this year and spotting random celebrities around town are definitely high on the list. Ultimately, the friends I have made, the parties we’ve been to, the fascinating classes I have taken and my exploration of Los Angeles all combine to make one, huge, fantastic and indescribable memory. And of course, writing and reading the articles for the UCLA chapter of HerCampus! It has been a great way to get to know about what is happening on campus and reflect on my own experiences here. Plus I am hoping to do some travelling when school finishes so hopefully I will have even more experiences to draw from!

Least favorite memory– The fire in my room in Delta Terrace! At the end of last quarter the ceiling light self-combusted. Luckily my roommate was out and I had JUST left the room (to tell the front desk that there was something wrong with the light) so no-one got hurt. But the little to no help from the housing staff and front desk has not made the experience a stress-free one! That said, it has been a good way to get to know more people in my building (“Hey you’re the girl who had the fire in her room, right?” has been a handy conversation starter, to say the least.)

Any regrets? Not leaving Westwood enough! In my defense, getting around Los Angeles without a car is close to comical some days. But I wish I had had the guts to brave LA’s public transportation and to relinquish some study time to see what more the city and the rest of California has to offer. It is only Week 6 so I will definitely make the time to explore more in these next few weeks.

For students thinking about studying abroad- DO IT! There is no better way to experience the best aspects of university life than to study in a country away from home and really put your adult-self to the test. Granted, survival skills can be discerned when you are two hours away from home, but why not try going further than that? If you have the chance to study abroad, take it! You will boost your resume, learn about the culture of your host country from a whole new perspective, and you will have a lot of fun in the mean time.

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