It’s Always Sunny At Vulture Festival

On Sunday November 19, the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia participated in a panel at Vulture Festival at The Hollywood Roosevelt. The gang was all there and I was extremely excited to see them interacting and answering questions about the show’s past and the much anticipated future. 

As most fans know, it isn’t quite clear whether or not Glenn Howerton will return to reprise his role as Dennis Reynolds next season and much to my dismay, the cast still avoided the question. All we do know is that Howerton’s new show, A.P. Bio, will premiere on NBC around the same time the gang is returning to the writer’s room: February 2018.

Despite being left in the cold, Danny DeVito gave quite the poignant statement about the future of the show claiming that “[Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Rob McElhenney] don’t know what the fuck they’re doing in the [writer’s] room.” It was statements like these that made it abundantly clear that all of the stars are more than just a cast; they are truly a family.

This family grew even larger during the panel as the entire crowd of fans expressed just how important the show is to them. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not afraid to push the envelope and this biting satire is especially impactful in our current political climate. With so much polarity within the world, it is refreshing to watch a show that shines a light on key issues without being “too preachy” as Day put it. Despite McElhenney’s insistence that he will never say that it is important, the audience made one thing clear: this show is not just hilarious, but extremely important.

Attending the panel was such an amazing experience! The moderator at Vulture Fest facilitated an amazing conversation about the intricacies of the show and seeing the stars was beyond exciting. I would highly recommend watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to get even a taste of all of the laughs that were had that afternoon. 

Photos Courtesy of Alyssa Wheeler and Getty Images for Vulture Festival Los Angeles