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I Reviewed 5 Trader Joe’s Products So You Don’t Have To: Valentine’s Day Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Whether you’re pampering yourself this Valentine’s Day, spending it with your girls or with your loved one these products might be what makes the holiday extra special. I really wanted to find products that ranged in uses and were specifically Valentine’s Day related. In order to make sure my reviews were accurate, I asked my friends to try everything with me and let me know their thoughts. This turned into a really fun activity for us to do together, and I highly recommend trying products with your friends as a Valentine’s activity too! In no particular order, here is our consensus: 

Rose Water Facial Toner – 3.99

This Rose Water came highly recommended to me by my friend who had previously tried it and absolutely loves it. The four-ounce bottle states that it is for cleansing or for a quick refresh throughout the day which is great (we love multiple uses for one product). It honestly smells like you’re walking in a rose garden. Also, it’s made with all-natural ingredients apart from the fragrance which is really nice and won’t be too harsh on your skin. The bottle is small and it seems like there should be a few ounces more for the price since it is water-based. We only tried this product for hydration and not cleansing, so overall the rating for this product is 3.5/5.

Dark Chocolate Caramel Hearts – 1.99

The tasty treat that cupid ordered just for you. A snack size and ringing in at a good price, these heart-shaped beauties had high expectations to meet and they delivered. They have a perfectly balanced amount of each ingredient and are exactly what you want from a chocolate candy. Trader Joe’s, no notes you did an amazing job with these: 5/5. 

Body Butter Trio – 7.99

This amazing trio consists of Citrus and Cedarwood, Brown Sugar and Fig and Sugar Plum. Tell me why I haven’t tried body butter before! Each one of these smelled great and was very different from each other and unique overall. The Brown Sugar and Fig was my personal favorite because of the very sweet smell you could almost taste them. All three get raving reviews from me and my friends for the consistency and most notably no sticky film leftover on your skin. It felt like lotion once applied rather than a cream which was very pleasant. Please try these with your friends. They’re a 4.5/5 because you don’t get enough!

Ruby Cacao Figs – 4.99

If you like figs you’ll love these. They are quite pricey ringing in at just under five dollars for four individually wrapped figs. However, let me just say these are impressive and elegant. The ruby chocolate coating is an excellent choice and the truffle center compliments the fig really well. Overall, really good but a little too expensive for only a few. I’d still definitely say this treat is something you should try once: 4/5.

Hot Cocoa Heart Melts – 3.99

What an adorable way to enjoy a delicious cup of cocoa with chocolate hearts filled with caramel and covered in mini marshmallows. Also props to whoever named these because they really do melt your heart. The suggestion is to put three per one cup of milk but four is more appropriate. The marshmallows do melt away after being put in the milk though. Also, side tip, do not eat them as candy. They are very strong and not meant to be snacked on, I tried. Altogether these cuties deserve 4/5 only because homemade is the 5/5 standard. 

Trader Joe’s, you’ve done it again. I tried to be very accurate in my reviews and that meant being a little more critical than usual. I hope that you all agree and try what you think sounds good to you. Happy Valentine’s Day; give your loved ones big hugs and some fun treats from Trader Joe’s!

Kailey is an English major at UCLA and has her sights set on writing pieces that connect people to nature. Her main goal in her articles is to inspire people to be authentic and chase their passion.